Meet DoorStep, the new dating app based in Rexburg

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If you are looking for some new dating adventures and aren’t really into Tinder or Mutual you should try out the new dating app called DoorStep. It will officially launch winter semester but they have already done trials, and guess what? They have already had a marriage come out of it! Doorstep is different than most dating apps that are already around and here’s why:

DoorStep helps organize group dates.

What is it?

DoorSteps’ mission statement is “To remove every obstacle to great dating” and it does just that! The team says, “DoorStep is an app that set people up on group dates, provides local date ideas and date discounts.” 


The first step is to fill out questions about yourself. This helps the app get to know your interests, personality, and who you typically find attractive. Instead of a one-on-one date, you go on group dates of two couples. Everyone in your group will share at least one common interest with you so you should be able to make friends AND relationships. After the date, you will provide feedback so that the app can find out more about what worked and what didn’t for you. The other date members will also offer feedback so the app gets to know who you are from other people’s perspective. From there you will be better matched and can keep going on these great dates frequently!

Cool features

DoorStep does more than just set you up with a group for a date. The CEO, Bruce Peck, says, “It also gets you discounts and helps you come up with phenomenal date ideas by showing events, hikes, business deals, and a whole lot more based off your interests.” 

The app is free and will be available in the App Store and Google Play. The specific release date is yet to be announced.

They have tried to make dating safer as well. Everyone is confirmed on Facebook. They also ONLY give out your first name and number to your date so you can get in touch. If you aren’t comfortable going after you get in touch with your date via text/calling you can, of course, say no. Just be sure to let your date know that you won’t be going! If you do experience any problem you can let the DoorStep team know and they will review the situation and do their best to resolve the issue.

A note from the CEO

“It has been a very long journey to get where we are now, but we are ecstatic to bring the app to you. It’s not a hobby we’re doing, it is our passion and our careers and we hope you will enjoy the dates as much as we’ve enjoyed perfecting the process to set you up on them.”

-Bruce Peck

Want to learn more?

DoorStep Explainer Video
DoorStep Website 

Contact DoorStep

Phone Number: 208-656-5891

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