This week: Madison and Sugar-Salem Varsity Baseball (5/7 – 5/12)

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A strong fight for both teams was the order of this past week, resulting in a satisfying victory and a handful of heartbreaking defeats. Here’s how your favorite local teams fared in this past week of varsity baseball, and what to expect as we move into the division championship.


This week’s record: (0-2)


Season record: (2-18)

The Bobcats couldn’t keep up with an early lead from Idaho Falls High School in Tuesday’s game. The opponents scored most of their points by the second inning and finished off the game with a 5-2 victory. By the time Wednesday’s game came around, Madison’s strength seemed spent as they gave up ten runs and accumulated none for themselves.

Unfortunately, that’s it for the Madison varsity baseball team this season. Though we wish there had been a few more victories, we’re looking forward to what our Bobcats will be able to accomplish next season!


This week’s record: (1-1)

Season record: (9-11)

Sugar-Salem fought hard to make it to this week. Snatching a late victory against Shelley in Thursday’s high-scoring game kept us on our toes. But despite their best efforts, they couldn’t topple Teton on Saturday in a heartbreaking loss.

In this afternoon’s game 3 against Shelley, Sugar-Salem fights for their place in the 3A District 6 tournament. Come out and support them at Teton High School and let’s seem them to a crucial victory!