Tami Hymas of Tami’s Salon emphasizes “BeUtofullness”

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A broken leg is a difficult trial for everyone. But everyone who knows Tami Hymas would agree that for such a high-energy person, her broken leg was especially trying. Especially because she also experienced vertigo.

For such a driven person —as owner of Tami’s Salon, a “hairapist” to her clients, beauty consultant, as well as a wife and mother — the inability to control her own brain was torture.

“It was like I was on a rollercoaster that never stopped,” Hymas says. “And it didn’t matter if I closed my eyes, if I opened my eyes…it didn’t matter if I was asleep or if I wasn’t.”

On a trip to the hospital, as Tami’s husband Ben drove her right up to the door, she noticed a woman approaching the door from the parking lot. She was very deliberately taking one step at a time, pushing past her ailment and inability and just doing it.

“It was a very humbling moment,” Hymas says.

As she slowly recovered after vertigo treatments, Hymas realized that despite her inability to be as productive as she wanted, her body had never stopped healing.

“I realized the importance of the gift of life,” she says. “I’ve been so obsessed about beauty and so obsessed with helping people have worth in their life that I never even appreciated my own and the power that it has.”

beUtofullnessBeUtofullness is Tami Hymas' call to be your best self.

As owner of Tami’s Salon in Rexburg, Hymas sees multiple clients, who all know her for her impeccable eye for beauty and hairstyling. But as a recent Tedx speaker and an author of a book on beauty, her vision goes beyond physical beauty.

“I’ve been making this book,” Hymas says. “About the beauty and the basics of how everybody looks and all this stuff to help people find their truth about the way they look from head to toe. This is how you were born, now what are you going to do with it? And that’s what my book is.”

The book, and the concept behind it, is called “BeUtoFullness,” a term of Hymas’ own creation. It came about as Hymas, a self-proclaimed spiritual person, was looking for a direction to aim her discovery. She felt prompted to study more of what she already knew: the word “beautiful.”

“It was the ‘to’ that totally changed everything,” she says. “Because when I looked up ‘to’ it meant moving forward.”

By breaking down the word “beautifulness” into the phonetic “be-you-to-fullness,” Hymas was able to direct a new campaign. A campaign that focuses on being yourself, and being the best version of you possible.

“My goal, literally, is to change the face of beauty,” Hymas says. “I’ve already changed the word but I want to change its motives. I want you to be beautiful because of what you do and who you are and who loves you.”

Hair history

In conjunction with her book, Hymas is currently creating an app that hairdressers can use to keep track of a client’s “hair history,” so they can best track the type of hair and styles that the client has and likes.

“I’ve always wanted to create something that would help you keep your history with you so that you can become something great,” she says. “So that is what my app has done.”

The idea is that when someone uses the app, the hairdresser will be able to “chart” the client like a doctor would. Past hairstyles, product use, conditions, and more will be taken into account so the hairdresser best knows how to attend to the client.

It has been a busy and sometimes stressful process for Hymas. Besides running Tami’s Salon, publishing the book, and building the app, she has spent her time working on the patents for the app, getting ready for her next speaking tour, and makes time for her kids, going on dates with her husband, going to the gym, and being a friend to all.

“Sometimes I think, is it worth it?” Hymas says. “But then I think of my beUtofullness clients, the ones that get it, the ones who believe in themselves and are changing the world too. And I realize that it’s always worth it when you’re lifting and building someone else.”

Exactly Differently the SameTami Hymas' goal is to help each person feel beautiful about him or herself.

Tami Hymas is seen as a powerhouse of wisdom, to her clients, her family, and those who know her. According to her, she was born with boundless energy and she intends to focus it on helping others.

“My goal is to take what you are and what everybody else is and make ourselves greater because there’s enough abundance,” she says.

She has a life motto, by which she lives and bases her business, her book, as well as the new app she is developing: “Do more. Give back. I will literally make the world a better place.”

“I don’t like the word better because that implies you were bad to begin with or something wasn’t good,” says Hymas. “And I think wherever you were to get to this point matters. So I like the word ‘more.’”

We are all exactly, differently, the same, Hymas says. Although we all have similarities like body structure, human needs, and instincts, we are each individual people with our own brand of beauty.

“You are amazing,” Hymas tells people. “You are meant to be great, and you have everything inside of you that you need to be what you are meant to be.”