Date Ideas When Staying In

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Going out can be expensive, especially on a college student’s budget. Mix that in with a small town like Rexburg and you can quickly run out of ideas when it comes to taking that special someone out on a date. Not to mention that dinner and a movie can get old after a while. We’ve come up with five date ideas you can do at your apartment when staying in for the night! Some more creative than others, but fun nonetheless.

Table Games

Looking for something a little more interactive or competitive? Try heading over to your apartment’s amenities for a game night date. Try pool, ping pong, or make it a group date with water pong, or a crazy game of ultimate spoons. Make bets or tweak the game in any way you want to make things a bit more creative. This option is FREE and fun. It allows for a little trash talk, where you can find out who the real winner is.

Movie Marathon

Date Ideas - Movie Night

Most apartment complexes have a community theater room nowadays. And with Disney+ now out, you can binge watch all your favorite childhood movies ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Grab some popcorn, cozy blankets, and treat yourself to a movie marathon just down the hall from your apartment. This will allow you to get out of your apartment itself, and take advantage of some of the amenities your complex has to offer. This option is not only cheap and easy, but fun!

Mini Golf

This is one of the more creative options. All you need is a couple of solo cups (depending on how many holes you want), a putter and a few golf balls. Before the start of the date, run around your apartment complex and set up a mini golf course. Just tape down the cups wherever you want and get to it. Try setting up “holes” up and down stairwells or under tables to get creative. This option costs very little and is sure to impress your date with a fun and creative alternative to your typical date night.

Build a Fort

Date Ideas - Build a Fort

Fort night anyone? I know what you are thinking, and no not the video game! Let’s take it back to when we were kids and built a fort every other night. All you need is a blanket (or 10), pillows, and of course, snacks! It’s like camping but indoors, and 10 times more comfy. Try a fun treat like stove top s’mores and hot chocolate. Feeling cute? Try adding twinkly lights on the inside and play cards or simply watch a movie on your laptop. In fact, just do whatever you want, because the night is yours!


Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Baking is always fun no matter what. Also, it allows you and your date to work together and create something new and exciting. The options are endless. We recommend finding something fun on Pinterest. With thousands of different treats and ideas, you’re sure to find something perfect. Since the holidays are right around the corner, try something festive or keep it simple. Either way it’s bound to be a fun time staying in!

Staying In Can Be A Date

Don’t let people tell you that you have to go out for a date to be a date. This is obviously something to decide between you and your date, but be creative. Also, be deliberate and do things with purpose. Confidence can go a long way when doing something outside your comfort zone. If you decide to stay in for a date, then do it right and do something a little different than usual. You gotta keep things fresh!