Why You Should Visit a Chiropractor While Pregnant

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Seeing a chiropractor while pregnant can promote a healthy birth.


Women everywhere are well aware of this obvious truth: pregnancy is rough on the body. The body experiences many changes and a lot of stress from the moment of conception. The spine — the chiropractic epicenter of activity — takes on a great burden as the pregnancy advances. You begin to experience a hormone imbalance as your body struggles to figure things out. These are all excellent reasons for why you should visit a chiropractor while pregnant.

Is it safe to see a chiropractor while pregnant?

This is a natural leading question. Chiropractors specialize in treating the spine, which is the main avenue for the nervous system. The nervous system communicates with the rest of the body: its organs, systems, everything. When the nervous system is healthy, so is the rest of your body. If it is important for any person to maintain healthy bodily functions, it is paramount that one who is pregnant do the same.

Above all, chiropractors train extensively in attending pregnant women as well as infants. As medical professionals, they understand the stress the body is under. A doctor should be careful and empathetic to patients’ needs. They take a thorough analysis of each individual situation and performs the safest, effective adjustment on a one-by-one basis.

Not only is it safe to see a chiropractor while pregnant, in many cases, it is important that you do.

How the body changes during pregnancy

If you are or ever have been pregnant, you are well aware of the discomfort that comes with it. Swelling feet, nausea, and back pain are just a few of the many pains. The latter of these three is especially relevant to why it is important to see a chiropractor during your pregnancy. As the fetus grows, the abdomen protrudes and the back curve becomes more pronounced. This comes with not only the characteristic back pain and abdominal discomfort, but you need to adapt your posture as well. Combined, this all leads to some serious potential spinal issues.

Additionally, during pregnancy, the pelvis changes and can become misaligned. Professionals refer to this as intrauterine constraint. If unchecked, this can lead to complications during birth, including a potential cesarean section.

There is no reason an already complicated and difficult nine months become more so. Seeing a chiropractor while pregnant has some extraordinary benefits to easing the process.

How chiropractic helps during pregnancy

The pros of receiving chiropractic care during your pregnancy are abundant. Overall, it promotes a healthier pregnancy. When everything is in line with each other, the complications reduce and everything goes much more smoothly. This leads to a reduction in the time of labor and delivery and promotes a natural non-invasive birth. (Read that as “no c-section.”)

Chiropractic care will streamline the long journey that is pregnancy. Receiving this care can control nausea as well as back and joint pain. And when it comes time for delivery, a chiropractor’s consistent care can place the baby in an optimal position.

There is a particular technique that chiropractors use that is designed for pregnant women. It is called the Webster Technique.

The Webster Technique

In an ideal delivery, the baby will be born headfirst. However, the changing hormones and added weight can cause the pelvis to become misaligned. When this happens, a baby can move into a position known as a breech presentation. There are three different types of breech presentations:

  • Frank breech. The baby’s buttocks present first, with the legs outstretched and the feet near the head.
  • Complete breech. The buttocks present first, with the knees bent and the feet near the buttocks.
  • Footling breech. One or both feet present first.

The Webster Technique’s purpose is to release the tension that might be causing this sacral misalignment and allow the baby to move into optimal position. It is imperative that a woman receive this chiropractic treatment so as to keep the pressure off the uterus and supporting ligaments. It helps establish balance in the pelvis. When all these conditions are met, the baby’s position corrects (if it is breech) and the pregnancy goes smoother.

Seeing a chiropractor while pregnant can replace medication.

Visiting a chiropractor while pregnant can replace medication

All medical decisions, especially during the critical time of pregnancy, must be made with your physician. Consult with your general health care provider to determine if this chiropractic care will help you. It is always helpful to consider chiropractic care because of its promoted, natural healing without the invasion of medication.

If it is an advisable option for you, chiropractic adjustments can be perfect for you and your child. And of course, it is highly preferable to painkillers and an eventual cesarean section or other birth complications.

All of us want you and your baby to experience a healthy pregnancy. Do your research to receive the best in chiropractic care.