The best practical practical jokes

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No, you didn’t read the title wrong. Nor is it a typo. This is a list of our picks of the best practical jokes that are actually practical.

Many of the practical jokes out there are, in reality, very impractical. They often cost a decent amount of money, can cause damage to property, or potentially even harm the victim. If you’re a student, those kinds of pranks are the worst kinds of pranks because you’re likely broke, live in a rental, and have to live with your roommates for the next several weeks.

So if you don’t want to waste food money, get kicked out of your apartment, or have your roommates hate you (permanently, anyway), here’s a list of the best practical practical jokes out there!

Fear of the Unknown

Best practical practical jokes - fear of the unknown.

The brilliance of this simple joke cannot be overstated. All you need here is a cup, post-it notes, and tape. The tape isn’t completely necessary, but it’s an awesome addition that’ll keep your victim from simply trying to lift the cup a little to try and see what’s under there for fear that they may accidentally let it out. Plus, it simply adds to the illusion that there is something truly terrible under that cup.

For the best effect, just leave the prop on their desk sometime you know you’ll be out of the apartment for the day. You’ll be able to sense the fear in their texts as they try to get a hold of you and find out what’s under the cup. Just let them spend the day wondering and worrying about what it could be!

Always Watching

Best practical practical jokes - always watching

It doesn’t have to be Nicholas Cage… but it definitely should be Nicholas Cage. Just leave the seat down and let them discover it the next time they’ve got to go! You can find the image with a simple Google search.

Faux virus

Best practical practical jokes - faux virus

For this one to work, you’ll need a few minutes to work on your target’s computer without them knowing. Here’s what you do:

1.Take a screenshot of their desktop.

Best practical practical jokes - screenshot

2. Save the screenshot.

Best practical practical jokes - save screenshot

3. Cut and paste all of their desktop folders and programs into another folder. You may have to leave the recycling bin as it cannot be cut and pasted, but that’s no problem.

Best practical practical jokes - desktop folders

4. Set the screenshot you took as their wallpaper.

Best practical practical jokes - set screenshot

When the subject of the prank returns to their computer, they’ll try to click the icons to no avail! While their computer and files are perfectly safe, they’ll fear their computer has gotten a terrible virus.

I think the soap is broken

Best practical practical jokes - broken soap

Ladies, this one is especially for you. Grab your roommate’s bar of soap and cover it with clear nail polish. Put it back in their shower the next morning after it’s dried and let them wonder why in the world their soap just doesn’t seem to be working! You may want to be prepared to replace their soap though…

Cheesy Deodorant

Best practical practical jokes - cheesy deodorant

This one may take a little more preparation than the other gags on this list, but the result will surely be worth it. Buy yourself a block of cream cheese. Snag your roommate’s deodorant (this will only really work well if they use white deodorant), and twist the deodorant all the way out of the plastic. Replace the deodorant with a block of cream cheese cut to fit into the tube and look like deodorant. Won’t your victim be surprised next time they use it?

When successfully executed, these practical practical jokes can be a source of fun for you and all of your friends or roommates. Do you know of any practical jokes that you think should’ve made our list, but didn’t? Let us know in the comments!