Fill Up Your Class Schedule

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John L. Clarke Building on the BYU-Idaho campus.

Figuring out those last couple credits for your BYU-I class schedule can be a difficult task. The last thing you want to do is sign up for a class that is going to add a lot to your work load. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of elective classes that you can take to get you to the right credit amount. Keep in mind that with most classes, the higher the credits, the harder the class will be.

Pro tip: We also recommend looking for first or second block classes. These allow you to get those credits out of the way!

.5 Credit Classes

GS 103A: Concentration
GS 103B: Note Taking and Listening
GS 103C: Thinking Skills
GS 103D: Textbook Study
GS 103E: Time Management
GS 103F: Test Skills

1 Credit Classes

GS 100: Career Exploration
GS 107: Computer Basics
GS 111: Realize the Vision
GS 270: Basic Work Skills

ESS 100: Aerobic Fitness
ESS 101: Water Aerobics
ESS 127: Archery
ESS 130: Body Weight Management
ESS 145: Volleyball
ESS 160: Swimming Beginning
ESS 161: Swimming Intermediate
ESS 178: Weight Training
ESS 206: Sports Officiating Football

DANCE 131: Jazz Dance, Beginning
DANCE 135: Tap Dance, Beginning
DANCE 140: Modern Dance, Beginning
DANCE 170: World Dance, Beginning
DANCE 171: Clog Dance, Beginning
DANCE 180: Social Dance, Beginning
DANCE 185: International Latin, Beginning
DANCE 190: Ballet, Beginning

MS 115R: Basic Course Physical Fitness

LR 111: Library Research Skills

AUTO 100: Auto Ownership & Maintenance

B 433: Personal Finance

MUSIC 158: Music Lessons
MUSIC 313: Women’s Glee
MUSIC 314: Concert Choir
MUSIC 315: Men’s Choir
MUSIC 316: Women’s Choir
MUSIC 329: University Band

2 Credit Classes

GS 101: Personal Achievement
GS 105: College Success

ESS 204: Aerobic Fitness Techniques
ESS 205: Intramurals
ESS 343: Football Theory
ESS 344: Track & Field Theory
ESS 347: Aerobic Training Theory & App

HRHP 131: Personal Health and Fitness

FCS 150: Practical Homemaking
FCS 207: Clothing Construction 1
FCS 221: Home Decor Design
FCS 240: Food Preparation

MUSIC 104: Group Vocal Instruction
MUSIC 105: Class Piano Instruction Level 1
MUSIC 109: Group Guitar Instruction Level 1
MUSIC 156: Basic Piano

Any Religion Class

3 Credit Classes

GS 294: Decision Making and Leadership

ENG 107: College Reading

ESS 264: Lifeguarding

CIT 110: Introduction to Excel

HS 331: Women’s Health

ART 107: Design and Color

DCM 110: Design Thinking
DCM 130: Design Relevance
DCM 140: Visualization & Communication

HORT 335: Flower Arranging

FCS 140: Intro to Interior Design

COMM 102: Public Speaking

Some of these classes are harder than others, but it might be the perfect way to fill your BYUI class schedule. If there are any other clasess you can think of that helps fill up a schedule, comment below!