99 Date Ideas

3 min


So, you want to ask that cute girl/guy sitting next to you on a date, but you have no date ideas for what to do. Or maybe you’re happily married, but you find yourself stuck doing the same thing every date night? Or maybe you are a dating machine and you simply need a new idea?

No problem. Here’s a list of 99 date ideas for your next date. (This should keep you busy for a while, so start asking!) Take one idea or combine a couple of date ideas and have fun!

Sunrise Date Idea
Take a sunset (or a sunrise) walk.
  1. Take a nature walk
  2. Skip rocks
  3. Sidewalk chalk drawings
  4. Grab a group and play Snapchat sardines
  5. Visit the BYU-I observatory
  6. Try a unique dessert recipe
  7. Paint mugs
  8. Urban hiking
  9. Cook dinner together
  10. Go for a tandem bike ride
  11. Go Roller Skating
  12. Rake Leaves
  13. Go sledding
  14. “Heart Attack” someone
  15. Take a sunset hike
  16. Take a sunrise hike
  17. Go out to breakfast
  18. Scotch-Tape faces

    Ice Skating Date Idea
    Go ice skating out by Rexburg Rapids.
  19. Start a water balloon fight
  20. Have a paint fight
  21. Make up new rules to a sport
  22. Visit the Corn Maze
  23. Play a sport
  24. Go ice skating
  25. Play card games
  26. Play paint Twister
  27. Float paper boats
  28. Recreate famous photographs
  29. Tie-dye shirts
  30. Explore caves
  31. Face paint
  32. Make a music video
  33. Try slacklining at Porter Park

    Slack Lining Date Idea
    Slacklining is a popular activity in Rexburg.
  34. Go to a local a sporting event
  35. Try to Geocache
  36. Go to the Zoo
  37. Make an igloo
  38. Go bowling
  39. Mini Golf
  40. Make stovetop S’mores
  41. Read children’s books
  42. Sing karaoke
  43. Make shaving cream faces
  44. Make homemade pizza
  45. Feed the ducks
  46. Play frisbee golf
  47. Play on a playground
  48. Host a game night
  49. Be a tourist in your own city
  50. Have a Nerf gun fight
  51. Cupcake decorating contest

    Cupcake Decorating Date Idea
    Everyone loves cupcakes. Why not make some with your date?
  52. River tubing
  53. Have a bonfire
  54. Go fishing
  55. Go Swimming
  56. Make cookies and deliver them
  57. Oreo cookie cream carving
  58. Paper airplane contest
  59. Get shakes
  60. Make your own shakes
  61. Enjoy breakfast for dinner
  62. Pancake Art
  63. Walk Around a Bookstore
  64. Penny Date Game
  65. Find the best fast food fries
  66. Find the best YouTube video
  67. See a movie for cheap!
  68. Visit the Farmer’s Market
  69. Plan a scavenger hunt

    You can go apple picking at BYU-I’s very own apple orchard.
  70. Go stargazing
  71. Have a trivia night
  72. Eat a three-course meal (at three different places!)
  73. Go dancing
  74. Play “Truth or Dare”
  75. Go to a Museum
  76. Disposable camera date
  77. Go apple picking on campus
  78. Learn the newest dance fad
  79. Watch a foreign movie… without subtitles
  80. Visit a haunted house
  81. Carve pumpkins
  82. Visit Mesa Falls
  83. Visit a nursing home

    There are a lot of ghost towns within driving distance you can go visit.
  84. Go to a play
  85. Play a round of paintball at Splatter’s
  86. Plan a picnic
  87. Go to the drive-in movie theater
  88. Try birdwatching
  89. Visit a National Park
  90. Travel to a nearby city
  91. See how long you can last in The Escape House
  92. Learn a new talent
  93. Go horseback riding
  94. Try a new food
  95. Make homemade ice cream
  96. Visit local thrift stores
  97. Build a fort
  98. Order each other’s drinks
  99. Go to a ghost town