Booting in Rexburg under review for code violation

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of returning to your car to find that bright orange boot attached to your back tire. Perhaps you honestly weren’t aware that it wasn’t an authorized parking spot. Or maybe you just needed to run in somewhere real quick. Maybe you were trying your luck.

But if you are one of many who have been “booted” in Rexburg, this is for you. Booting in Rexburg may be outlawed.

The City Council Meeting

On July 5, 2017, a Rexburg City Council meeting was held where Madison County Deputy Rob Wood gave a presentation clearly stating the city’s policy on booting vehicles.

Idaho Code 49-229 states any individual who prevents a vehicle from operating is guilty of a misdemeanor. Wood stated that booting an individual’s vehicle is a violation of property rights.

The code dates back to 2008, which openly prohibits individuals from interfering with the driving operations of a vehicle. Anyone who does tamper with the ability to operate a vehicle will be cited for a misdemeanor.

Wood expressed that he felt the booting policy “allows a private citizen to seize another citizen’s private property without a warrant or order from the court,” and that doing so is “unconstitutional.”

Beginning on July 21st an official notice will be sent out to all booting companies instructing them to “cease and desist from booting.”

What Does This Mean For Apartments and Booting Companies?

With the booting practice under the gun, what does this mean for apartment complexes and the booting companies?

There is still an issue with parking in Rexburg. There are not enough parking spaces, and without enforcement, drivers will park their vehicle in unauthorized areas

This means that rather than cars being booted, companies like Guardian may begin towing vehicles as a way to enforce parking policies instead.

The city council has made no executive decisions on the future enforcement of parking policies in Rexburg. A further discussion will be held at a later date when all council members can be present at the meeting.

Despite these developments and any opinion regarding booting, Explore Rexburg encourages safe and legal parking. Be sure to be mindful of authorized and unauthorized parking zones.