GolfBoard comes to Teton Lakes in Rexburg

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GolfBoard, one of the latest and most exciting technology in golf, has come to Rexburg.

This fun and innovative alternative to golf carts (or worse, walking) is now available to rent at Teton Lakes Golf Course, one of 250 courses worldwide to offer it.

The golf board allows you to “surf the earth,” adding a dose of the thrill of snowboarding or surfing to the golf experience. Aside from the entertainment and convenience, a trial run also proved a 5-hour round be reduced to 2 hours and 37 minutes.

According to the company’s website, it is “the greatest invention in golf since the graphite shaft” and is “forever changing the way golfers experience the game.”

Powered by the same lithium batteries that power the latest luxury electric vehicles, the golf board is also great for the environment. With a lower psi and greater weight distribution between its 4” x 11” tires than golf carts or walking, golf board minimizes wear to the turf by 75%.

They are also a safe technology. The rider can adjust between a hi/low speed that ranges from a gentle 5mph to a quicker but still safe 10mph.

Next time you come by Teton Lakes to play a round, check out the GolfBoard rentals and see for yourself the added convenience and fun it can offer. Let this video, courtesy of Tyler Shearer, show you how great your experience can be.