Sharing Stories through The Lulu Bella Project

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Nowadays, the world of Instagram is all about painting a “picture perfect” lifestyle. Many users and businesses define their worth by the number of likes, comments, and follows they receive. When it comes to online clothing boutiques, the competition is high and the pressure to achieve perfection in a square window is even higher.

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You Are Enough

Cindy Nielson, owner of Lulu Bella Boutique, is no stranger to this struggle. “It’s so hard because we all [clothing boutiques] sell the same exact clothes. How do you set yourself apart?” Nielson says. “I was getting so caught up in all the things I wasn’t until finally I just threw my hands up in the and said ‘You know what? I am enough.'”

This important realization is what led to Lulu Bella’s “You are Enough” campaign. They recently hosted the A Reason to Stand conference at the Atrium in Rexburg this past month. Several inspiring women from all over the country spoke about their experiences with grief, healing, and hope.

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The Lulu Bella Project

Lulu Bella has taken this initiative a step further in sharing people’s stories through the Lulu Bella Project.

Cindy had the following to say about the project on Instagram. “Here at Lulu Bella we love cute clothes, but we love the people in the clothes even more! With this project, we want to tell stories. Real stories of lives full of joy, heartache, defeat, and triumphs- because that’s what life is made of! And whatever your life is made of, we want you to know you are enough.”

Each month, their business will feature special guests modeling their clothing. This past week, they had a photo shoot with Jazzy Holman, Miss Amazing Utah, and 4 mothers of special needs children. Lulu Bella will be sponsoring their Angel Walk in June. In the upcoming months, they will also showcase models who have gone through the adoption process and nurses from the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Mother and son

Everyone Has a Story

Rather than get caught up and discouraged by the superficial world of social media, Cindy Nielson has focused on what matters most: developing real, authentic relationships with her customers.

“I want Lulu Bella to be more than just a store for people.” Nielson explains, “They all have a different reason for why they’ve come into our store. Maybe they’re shopping, maybe they just need someone to talk to, or maybe they’re a husband that has no idea what he’s looking for and needs some guidance. Everyone that walks through our doors has a story.”

Nielson has made it her mission to share the beautiful, heartbreaking, and hopeful stories of those around her. Click here to read the first Lulu Bella Project story and stay tuned for more!

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