11 places to feast on sandwiches in Rexburg

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It’s no secret that here at Explore Rexburg, we get pretty excited about national holidays. Especially in regard to food. That is why we are especially excited about the month-long holiday in August that is National Sandwich Month!

In Rexburg, there are many ways to celebrate this auspicious month. Some people have even claimed that there are too many places to get sandwiches in Rexburg. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. But all of us would be remiss not to treat ourselves to a good sub, hoagie, torta, or sammie to celebrate the month.

To honor this month, we give you the ultimate Rexburg sandwich guide. From a la carte to sit-down, we seek to give you the tools wherewith to celebrate in the proper manner.

Subway is one of the places to get sandwiches in Rexburg


The top franchise in the nation appropriately has four locations here in Rexburg. You can get their subs at the Conoco by the BYU-Idaho exit, at the Viking Drive roundabout, by Ray’s Chevron on 2nd East, and in the Walmart.

Subway designs your sub to your liking down to the last detail. As an a la carte option, you can choose to have as many or as few toppings and veggies as you desire. Just don’t forget to grab one of their delicious cookies as well.

Mill Hollow is one of the places to get sandwiches in Rexburg


Millhollow is a Rexburg original and a local favorite. Have you made it out to this hotspot? You can get a half or full sandwich in all different persuasions. Whether it’s a classic Italian, pastrami, seafood and crab, or much more, these sandwiches are especially tasty when paired with a delicious frozen yogurt!

Port of Subs is another one of the places to get sandwiches in Rexburg

Port of Subs

The draw toward Cafe Rio is powerful, but next time you stop in at the NorthPoint food court, definitely give Port of Subs a try! They slice their meats fresh right as you order your sandwich, so the freshness is guaranteed. Whether you want it cold or hot, they offer a variety of classic and specialty subs.


Jimmy John's is one of the places to get sandwiches in Rexburg

Jimmy John’s

You want your sandwich freaky fast? Jimmy John’s gets you your sub in record time, every time. Located right across the street from Porter Park, Jimmy’s is the prime choice for something quick and delicious. The staff at Rexburg’s Jimmy John’s are serious about their sandwiches. Leave it to them to fix you up with a quick bite.

Broulim's is one of the places to get sandwiches in Rexburg


Sure, Broulim’s is a grocery store, but did you know they have a custom sandwich bar and cafeteria? If you haven’t tried Broulim’s sandwiches, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. From classic sandwiches with lots of bread and meat to choose from to paninis, wraps, and breakfast sandwiches, any time of the day, Broulim’s is a must-try.

Great Harvest is one of the places to get sandwiches in Rexburg.

Great Harvest

Bread options don’t get much better in Rexburg than at Great Harvest on Main Street. And when it comes to sandwiches, the bread is half the battle. Choose a classic, or go with a signature Great Harvest sandwich: Caprese, California Cobb, Turkey Pesto, and more.

Plus if you’re into making your own sandwich to celebrate the month, this is where you’ll need to get your bread.

Gator Jack's offers up all the old sandwich classics. One of the best places to get sandwiches in Rexburg.

Gator Jack’s

Let’s be honest. There is a lot of crossover when you congregate multiple sandwich joints in one small town. But for a truly unique sandwich experience, make sure you visit Gator Jack’s in Hemming Village this month.

With unique titles like De Mudder N Law, Rum Runner, and Somethins A Fowl, Gator Jack’s is a Cajun-style restaurant with incredible sandwiches. 

Soup For You? is one of the places to get sandwiches in Rexburg

Soup for You?

Speaking of soup, one of the best and newest places to have a nice bowl is Soup for You? next to The Craze. But we’re talking about sandwiches, right? They always have a Whole Sandwich Special that will change day by day. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a new place to try a delicious sandwich, this is a place you’ll have to try.

Jamba Juice is one of the places to get sandwiches in Rexburg

Jamba Juice

What? Jamba? It’s true. Jamba Juice serves up two sandwiches to go with your smoothie: the Artisan Flatbread and the Toasted Bistro Sandwich. For something a little out of the box, but still delicious, grab a sandwich from Jamba Juice.

Domino's is one of the places to get sandwiches in Rexburg


Domino’s has recently been pretty intent on letting us know that they serve sandwiches as well. And for good reason…they are to die for. A personal favorite of the author’s is the Chicken Parm, but there are other wonderful options: Italian Sausage and Peppers, Philly Cheese Steak, and many more. Pizza is great, we all know this. But don’t neglect the amazing sandwiches of Domino’s.

Fresco's is one of the places to get sandwiches in Rexburg


Not exclusively an artisan pizza place, Fresco’s Kitchen & Grill will thrill you with their few sandwich options. Try the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Turkey Bacon Club, or Hot Ham & Swiss next time you’re in there.

To further help you in deciding what sandwich to eat, here are a few tips from Rexburg’s very own “Sandwich Guy,” Bo Brusco. Follow him on Instagram for reviews, tips, and more at @bo_thesandwhichguy.


Now, go celebrate!