5 Free Dates

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Free Dates

You’ve met someone you get along well with. There’s some great chemistry between the two of you and you love spending time with them. You want to take them out on a date, but there’s a problem. Dating ain’t cheap and you’re not exactly liquid right now. Paying for multiple dates can really break the bank. Plus, consistent expensive dates set unrealistic expectations for what dating should look like. But don’t worry, Explore Rexburg is here to help you out. Previously we shared ideas for dates you could do for under 5 dollars. But we wanted to challenge ourselves. So, here’s our list of 5 free dates!

Game Night

Wouldn’t it be great if your date knew your friends? Gather a group of friends together for a game night. Group dates create a positive, chill environment where you can relax and just have fun with your friends. Try to bring snacks, board games, video games and whatever else you might have. I suggest Just Dance or Wii Sports if you can get them. Focus on having fun and letting everyone get to know each other. Not only will you have a free date, you’ll have a great time with your friends.

A Walk in the Park

Don’t feel like you need to have a big plan every time you go out. Dates can be as simple as a walk in a park. Literally! Beginners often over complicate their dates. But this puts a lot of pressure on you for things to go right. Dates are all about getting to know each other. So, spend time together just talking.

Rexburg has several great parks where you can have plenty of fun. Head to an empty playground and mess around. Sometimes the best way to open up is to just play like little kids. Try the Nature Park if you want to walk around, Smith Park for a playground and Porter park if you want to play outdoor games.

Study Buddies

You have to get your homework done at some point. So why not get it done together? You can hit two birds with one stone when you have a study date. It works best if you’re in the same class, but you can help each other with different subjects as well. Most apartments have a quiet study room you can reserve, but the library also works well. Try quizzing one another on different subjects or prepare for a test.

If your date has interesting skills or experiences, you might ask for their help on an assignment. Most writing or religion classes on campus require you to interview a student at some point. Working together on the project is a great way to get to know each other and build trust. Try to take breaks to walk around and share a joke or two. But keep in mind, your classes are your priority. If it’s too much of a distraction studying together, you might need to try something else.

Favorite YouTube or TikTok Videos

Here’s a chill option for you. Put together a list of all your favorite YouTube and TikTok videos to share with your date. Grab some chips or popcorn and have a video viewing party. This will give you a great chance to get to know each other’s sense of humor. The more you laugh the better. Put the videos on your tv for the best show.

The Spori Gallery

The Spori building houses the majority of art displays and galleries on campus. The principal exhibit of the Spori Gallery changes about twice every semester. So students have a great opportunity to view different exhibits and appreciate fine art. Try taking a date to the art gallery for  a classy free date. Ask what they think about the exhibit, or use the opportunity to talk if you’re not an artsy person. Either way, the gallery is a great place to get out of the cold with your date.