Why you should travel with your partner

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Adventure is waiting at your doorstep. It’s almost summertime, which means it’s time to go outside again. But before you get all packed to go on your journey, there is something you must think about first. Who are you going to travel with? What better way to share that beautiful scenery with than with those you love?


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Here are five reasons why you should travel with your spouse:

1. Memories


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One of the best parts about traveling the world together is all the amazing memories you create. When it comes down to it, what’s life without memories?

There will come a time when your hair is a few shades grayer and every story you tell is about the good ol’ days. When that time comes, you’ll have the most incredible memories from your years of traveling to look back on.

2. See How Your Partner Handles Stressful Situations


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There is no denying it, a stressful situation will come up every time you travel. Especially if it’s a place both of you aren’t familiar with. You may get lost, miss your flight, get sick or even having your credit card stolen. Being in these types of stressful situations can help your relationship grow. Seeing how your partner reacts will show you how they will handle future life stresses.

3. Focus on Your Relationship

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Living in the fast paced world that we do, it can be hard to focus on your relationship. Traveling with your partner means that you are with each other all the time. Some people might cringe at the thought, yet it’s actually a wonderful time to focus on your relationship. You begin to learn what your partner is really like. It forces you to communicate with each other about more than who’s picking up the groceries or your days at work. You begin to rediscover that you’re not just a spouse, but best friends also.

All the time you begin to spend together will never feel like a chore.

4. Building Trust

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Obviously, you trust your partner some, or else you wouldn’t be with them right now. Trusting your partner to buy toilet paper on their way home from work is completely different than trusting their driving through the crazy streets of Vietnam.

Traveling with your partners throws you into situations where you need to rely on each other. Learning very quickly that arguing over which way is the “right” way is meaningless. Working together towards common goals is easier and more effective.

Sometimes you can be wrong and you need to trust your partner’s judgment.

5. Have Fun Together

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Traveling is fun, but traveling with your best friend is even better. Embracing the highs and lows that come from traveling will help you grow together. That being said, never lose sight of the ultimate goal:  to always have fun. So hold hands as you jump into that turquoise blue water, tell stories around the campfire, and stay up too late because the stars were too pretty.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you are having fun with the one you love.

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