5 Tasty and Healthy Halloween Snacks

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Boonana Pops are great healthy Halloween snacks.

There is a popular concern that some parents have had about sending their kids out for candy on Halloween night. The old superstition is this: Will any of the candy bars have razor blades in them?

In actuality, statistics show this isn’t necessarily a significant concern. Instead, they show that parents are dealing with a much more dangerous enemy: the candy bars themselves.

More than 29 million American adults have diabetes and another 86 million have pre-diabetes. By 2050, 1 in 3 to 1 in 5 Americans is projected to have diabetes. Many of those Americans will be the children we raise today.

In these last few months of the year, there are festivities aplenty and with that lots and lots of sugar. This October, why not get the kids off to a better, more healthy start?

That being as it is, it is not necessary to totally discard candy from the Halloween experience. There is room, both in diet and tradition, for sugary sweets and such. However, to help prevent early health complications, it may be prudent to explore other healthy options.

Here are a few ideas for healthy Halloween snacks. You’ll see that they’re not only better for you, but they’re fun alternatives to just straight candy. These have just enough sugar to excite, but not so much as to keep the dentist on speed-dial.

Caramel Apple Slices

These can be as simple as spreading a dab of caramel over apple slices or, as Domestically Blissful suggests, drizzling white chocolate and nuts over them. Slide them onto sucker sticks and you have not only a healthy snack but a less messy one as well.

Boonana Pops

How do you make a spooky banana? Try slicing them (once in half then each side the long way), dipping the quarters in white chocolate, and giving them dark chocolate chip eyes. Note: you’ll find that this will be the stuff of dreams, not nightmares.

Cheesy Witch Brooms

For this delightful little party snack, you’ll only need string cheese, pretzels, and some chive (or something similar) to tie it together. The kids will love how much like a real witch’s broom these look like!

Popcorn Witch’s Hand

This is a great snack for watching a scary movie with the family. Fill up a non-latex glove with popcorn, remembering to use candy corn for the fingernails. A nice touch is to throw a plastic Halloween ring around one of the fingers. Then tie it off, and Alakazam! You’ve got some more fun and healthy Halloween snacks.

Candy Corn Fruit Cup

A refreshing Candy Corn Fruit Cup takes a little more preparation, but it’s worth it. Simply fill up cups with pineapple, mandarin oranges, and Candy Corn (all stacked and arrayed nicely) for a splash of color and flavor, and top it with whipped cream or yogurt.

Apple Smiles

Much more appetizing than your grandma’s false teeth (but looking eerily similar), Apple Smiles lighten the mood and satisfy your sweet tooth. Take two apple slices and stick mini-marshmallows between them with peanut butter, and you’ll be amazed how mouth-like they look.

Chances are, in most kids’ minds, the thought of healthy Halloween snacks falls just above Almond Joy and quite a bit below Kit Kat. But fun is what Halloween is all about. And with a little creativity, and a wary eye on skyrocketing diabetic rates, the fun won’t come at a cost.