How to Stay Positive in the Winter

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Rexburg Winters

You’ve never experienced winter until you’ve been to Rexburg. I thought the ice storms in my Midwest hometown were bad, but Rexburg blizzards are absolutely ruthless. Rexburg winters also last for eternity. It starts snowing in October after about three days of fall and goes until the very end of the winter semester. It can be very discouraging with no sun and all snow. Nevertheless, we all end up here in Rexburg every winter. Today I have come up with a few ideas to help you survive winter and stay positive!

Make Sure You Still Go Outside

We still need our vitamin D! Even though it may feel like the sun is non-existent, it’s very important for our mental and physical health to still be outside. Even if you bundle up and sit on your apartment’s deck for a few minutes, that helps! With online classes and door dash more accessible, it is easier to never leave the apartment. It may seem ideal, but don’t let yourself fall into the trap.

winter snow

Don’t Get Stuck in the Same Routine

With winter in Rexburg and fewer activities, it is easy to feel like you’re living the same day over and over again. School, work, sleep, repeat. I am very guilty of this. To help yourself stay out of a rut, make sure to do something new every day. It can be little, like taking a different route to classes or reading a new book. You could add something new to your morning or night routine, or sit by someone new in class. Try cooking a new meal or write letters to your family. Changing things up adds perspective.

That Being Said, Make Sure You Have a Routine

I know! I am literally contradicting myself. But having a set morning or night routine can really help. Reading, journaling, skincare, making avocado toast for breakfast, going to the gym, whatever you like to do, create a little routine that you love and makes you excited to wake up or go to bed.

Keep Your Sleep Schedule in Check!

Now that we’re talking about waking up and going to bed, make sure it is a decent time. Everybody is different, but our bodies really appreciate it when we go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. We all have different class and work schedules, but I know that I am much happier when I go to bed by midnight and wake up by 8. That is ideal. Be kind to your body! It does so much for you. Take care of it.

Find a Winter Activity That You Like

skiingMy favorite season is summer, by far. I love going to the pool, hiking, kayaking, hammocking, movie nights on the deck, ice cream dates with my friends, watching the stars, the fourth of July, all of it! So, you can assume that I hate winter. I hate the snow and the constant overcast. The cold air biting my skin. It is very difficult for me to stay positive. But, something that has helped me is finding an escape. Last year my escape was skiing.

My roommate and I went skiing every week and it was the best escape from my normal winter routine in Rexburg. I listened to my music, shredded the slopes, and enjoyed the beauty around me. Skiing helped me stay sane. So I encourage you to find a winter activity that you love! Whether it is sledding at the sand dunes or snowboarding at Kelly Canyon, bundle up and get out there.

Winter in Rexburg, Idaho is rough, we all know that. However, our mindset and thoughts determine everything! The winter semester will be what you make it. So I am hoping that these few tips help you succeed and still have a great next semester! For more tips check out our other winter blogposts.