Top places to get ice cream in Rexburg

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Ice cream – the perfect way to offset the sun. With temperatures of about 90 degrees every day, ice cream is the easiest (and tastiest) way to stay cool this summer. Lucky for us, plenty of options surround us here in Rexburg.

So, grab somebody! It could be a sibling, a date, or a roommate. It doesn’t really matter as long as you get that ice cream in your system. Here’s a list of 8 places to get ice cream in Rexburg.

G’s Dairy

With homemade ice cream and waffle cones, G’s Dairy features a unique taste. With tons of flavors of ice cream and soda, G’s Dairy is a  popular place to cool down during the summer.

Karie Anne’s

What’s more popular than Karie Anne’s? With top-notch custard and Italian ice, Karie Anne’s takes in hundreds of customers per day. One visit and you’ll understand why.

Nielson’s Frozen Custard

Nielson’s on Main Street sits right across from Porter Park. After working up a sweat in the park, head on over to Nielson’s for top-notch ice cream and burgers.

Cold Stone

The nation-wide, famous ice cream shop has a prime location on 2nd East. Leaving Cold Stone, nobody ever complains about the quality of the ice cream.

Dairy Queen

The nation’s best ice cream-producing fast food chain constantly comes out with new Blizzard flavors. With ice cream so thick you can flip it upside down (or the next one is free), you’ll know why Blizzards are loved around the world.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard

Freddy’s hasn’t been around in Rexburg for long, but its frozen custard is already popular. Five unique flavors (such as the Dirt n’ Worms Sundae) make Freddy’s stand out.

Kiwi Loco

If you prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream, Kiwi Loco’s is king in Rexburg. Because of its location and wide variety of flavors, Kiwi Loco might be the most popular date spot in Rexburg.


Looking for a lesser-known frozen yogurt spot? Millhollow’s great frozen yogurt is just as good as Kiwi Loco’s. With fewer people surrounding you, you can relax a little bit more.

The Burg

Although they may not serve ice cream in the traditional sense, the shakes from The Burg are worth mentioning. Numerous flavors abound, with candy, fruit, and combo accents. Personal recommendation? Try the Cookie Monster.

Cocoa Bean

You know them for their hot chocolate, but did you know that Cocoa Bean also serves ice cream? It’s all made from local dairy farms and with a Cocoa Bean twist. They offer your traditional flavors, but also unique creations of their own design, such as the Waffle Bowl.

Ice Cream in Rexburg

The bad news: it’s going to be hard to choose with so many options. The good news: no matter where you choose to go this summer, your taste buds will be pleased. Grab somebody, get some ice cream, and cool down!