People often wonder the difference between plain old store-bought chocolate and gourmet chocolate. The difference between the two chocolates is very drastic. The reason gourmet chocolates exist is for chocolate lovers. Gourmet chocolates excel in rich chocolate flavor, creamy sensational fillings, and sumptuous assortments. Gourmet chocolates go through a rigorous process to make sure the consumer is satisfied. The gourmet chocolates are made with pure cocoa butter and do not have any added preservatives. The chocolate is sent through a refining process to make sure it is melted and formed perfectly to taste. These chocolates are even formed by human hands down to the very last detail; Talk about impressive! Here at Florence’s we make sure our exquisite candies are of the highest quality and taste like perfection. We offer a wide variety of gourmet chocolates. We have assorted chocolates which include any and every kind of chocolate you can dream of! These flavors include caramels, toffees, turtles, haystacks, raspberry, strawberry, lemon and orange creams, mints, clusters, fudges, and much, much more! We make sure every taste bud gets what they want. If our assortment, for some reason, does not have a certain candy you are looking for then feel free to order our hand selected boxes. When ordering hand selected boxes, you get to choose individually how many and what type of chocolates you want to purchase. Come stop in at Florence’s Exquisite Candies in Rexburg, Idaho and try some of our Gourmet Chocolates!