BYU-I Planetarium: Thursday nights just got interesting

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If you are like me, maybe you didn’t know that there is a BYU-I Planetarium that offers shows most Thursday nights. Once you go to the shows, you will be hooked! Each month they offer a different show. You can check their schedule online.

BYU-I Planetarium offers public shows.

Public Shows

Tickets are only $2 and you can purchase them at the door. The shows start at 7:00 p.m. but they tend to fill up; be sure to arrive at 6:30 p.m. so you can get tickets. Once they are sold out, that’s it. Each show varies in length and the website offers a brief overview of what the show talks about and included the length.

The shows start off with a BYU-Idaho student pointing out constellations in the night sky. They also show you what the stars look like above Rexburg. It’s really cool to see and hear what they are talking about as you look up into the night sky. After the student goes through the constellations they will start the film for you.

After the movie has ended the observatory is sometimes open for people to go use, depending on weather conditions. If it is available they will tell you and there will be another student up there to help you use the telescope. I would recommend giving this a try at least once!

Please note that some shows feature complex material that isn’t as enjoyable for younger children. Also, remember that it’s dark and the show is sometimes long and loud. The seating is arranged in a circle so there isn’t much in-and-out accessibility. If you don’t think your kids would do well handling the length or the layout of the show, it may be a good idea to leave them with a sitter.

BYU-I Planetarium offers private shows.

Private shows

If you want to take a group to the planetarium at a different time for a private show you can do that as well! The private show starts at $40 and you will need to call at least two weeks in advance. There is enough seating for about 40 adults. There are limited private show times, so prepare to be flexible when deciding when to schedule.

The website has more information about the number to call and the process if you are looking for a private showing.

Contemplate the cosmos at their next showing! The BYU-I Planetarium is located in the Romney building on campus, room 107.