2017 East Idaho Renaissance Faire (July 21st, 22nd & 28th, 29th)


Take a break from the technological woes of modern society and transport yourself to a time of battle-hardened knights, fair maidens, and roving jesters. The family-friendly faire abounds with entertainment for all ages, and attendees can peruse the wares of food vendors and period-specific craftspeople. Here’s a closer look at some of the faire’s offerings: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS: With weapon in hand, armor-clad knights display their battlefield skills and clash to win the hand of the Faire’s princess. CRAFT WORKSHOPS: Children ages 8–12 can play squire or maiden by building their own wooden sword or crown. SHOWS AND PERFORMANCES: Grab a seat at the William Shakespeare Performance stage, or learn medieval dances from roaming street performers. YE OLDE BOUNCY CASTLE: Free, unlimited bouncing at the faire’s bouncy castle lets kids ages 2–10 work off excess energy. Tickets Pricing: $8 Adults (12 years and Older) $6 Children (Ages 4 to 12) Visit www.renaissancefaireidaho.com for more information and don’t forget to like our page!