The Great Kaplan


David Kaplan plays The Great Kaplan, an earnest vaudeville performer, who while just trying to do a good show, inexplicably gets caught in the crosshairs of the universe. As his world seemingly crumbles, he manages to accidentally levitate a bowling ball, juggle furniture, perform uncommon feats of prestidigitation, and play melodies on concert balloon, turkey baster and his great-grandfather’s ukulele. David’s numerous awards include the first place medal at the Canton Battle of Magicians, the coveted “People’s Choice” award at the 2006 International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention, and in 2010 he was awarded the Mandrake d’Or in Paris. Tickets go on sale April 9. $6 for BYU-Idaho students, $12 for general public. No children under four. Classroom dress. To buy tickets, see Link to website: