Gorillaz tribute concert at Rexburg Tabernacle

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Jacob and the Scotts for Gorillaz tribute show

For one night only, the familiar sounds of “Feel Good Inc.” will reverberate off the walls of Rexburg’s historic Tabernacle. Local band, Jacob and the Scotts, will be performing a Gorillaz tribute concert, Monday, Nov 12.

This charity show, done in partnership with Operation Underground Railroad, is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. and will feature top hits from the iconic British music group, as well as other pop favorites.

Tickets will be available the day of the event. General admission will cost $5 at the door. A discounted, $3 ticket price will be offered to BYU-Idaho Home Evening groups.

Jacob and the Scotts for Gorillaz tribute show

Check out our Q&A about the event with Jacob and the Scotts frontman, Scott Villanueva below:

Jacob and the Scotts

Q: You’ve performed with tribute bands before (the Beatells) – What is it that draws you to tribute style performances?
A: It’s probably my background as an actor. It’s fun to explore an artist’s music deeper than just listening, and artists like the Beatles and Gorillaz are especially layered.

Q: Of all the bands in the world, why did you choose the Gorillaz?
A: A big part of it was that Gorillaz has a strong visual in addition to a distinct sound. Most of us on the band are in the Theater Department, so we’ve incorporated costumes and choreography into the show.

Q: Will this tribute concert be a one-time thing or something more consistent like The Beatells was?
A: It’ll just be a one-off, but hopefully, we’ll be able to do more shows with different themes in the future. There are so many artists and genres in music, and I want to explore them all!

Q: What future goals do you have for Jacob and the Scotts? What would you like to accomplish as a band?
A: The main goal for Jacob and the Scotts is to play live music; it’s an under-appreciated art form, and I just wanted to play music with friends. I’d love to play as often as I can and just get better, and hopefully add something to the scene in Rexburg.

Jacob and the Scotts for Gorillaz tribute show

For more information, visit the band’s Facebook event page.