Interview with Nathan Webb and Mason Downey

2 min


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We had the chance to sit down and chat with Madison High School seniors Nathan Webb and Mason Downey who both play on the Madison boys basketball team. They’re on their way to compete at state this weekend, and we wanted to hear how they met, and what some of their favorite moments have been this season.
What has been your favorite moment of the season thus far?
Winning the district championship and being able to do shock the world with all the students and fans. My favorite places to play were in Anaheim & Las Vegas.
MD: That’s kind of tough to think of just one. The Anaheim tournament was awesome. It was the last summer tournament that we played in. All of us went. We are just some little team from Rexburg playing against all these AAU all-star teams. It’s been great to get to play with your friends and not have to join up with other city all-star teams. We also love to develop the Madison High School team.
How long have you been playing together?
NW: 6th grade is when the entire team came together.
What has been your best memory playing together with your team over the past 10 years?
NW: When we won the Big Mountain Jam when we were younger. Also, winning the Bingham Tournament in Salt Lake City.
What kind of pressure comes with being the #1 ranked team all year?
NW: There is definitely some pressure there. Ever since we were younger, we have kind of always been the team to beat. I enjoy being on the top and having that expectation.
MD: There is quite a bit of pressure. Many people expect us to win every single game. We have had a target on our backs ever since we were little kids. Everyone knows that we are a school team so we’ve always had the pressure.
What is it like playing in the Ford Idaho center?
NW: There’s a sweet atmosphere. There are so many people there, especially from Madison. There are more Madison fans than anywhere else. It’s just awesome.
MD: It’s an amazing experience. There are just tons of people, and an awesome atmosphere.
What does your team think of the Numa Numa dance?
NW: It’s always one of our favorite moments during the game. We love seeing the student section. The support from the student section is what makes the game have so much energy. It’s occasionally happened where we watch Numa Numa instead of listening to the huddle.

Are Madison fans the best in the state?
NW: Definitely. Especially after one of Jaxson’s dunks; the entire place just erupts and it helps us get pumped with adrenaline. It’s awesome.
MD: Madison fans are the best by far. Even at all of our away games, there is only half the amount of fans on their side of their stands compared to the Madison side. It gives our team a huge spark. The energy from the crowd is awesome.

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