Judge Greg Moeller interviews for Idaho Supreme Court

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7th District Judge Greg Moeller interviewed today for a spot on the Idaho Supreme Court.

Moeller is one of thirteen candidates that are interviewing to replace Justice Daniel Eismann, who plans to retire in August. Seven were interviewed today, including Moeller. Six will interview tomorrow before the announcement of the final four candidates tomorrow afternoon.

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Justice Roger Burdick, chair of the Judicial Council, asked Moeller in the interview about his background in water law. This is something in which Moeller has robust experience, and he indicated such in his response.

As the only candidate with this background, Moeller suggested that the court needs his experience. Water law is a hot issue in Idaho, and some would argue the backbone of the agricultural industry.

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Moeller also referenced his uniqueness in being the only candidate who has tried a murder case both as defense attorney and judge.

Additionally, he opined on the Idaho Supreme Court’s grocery tax ruling. He had the sense, he said, that while some justices were looking to overturn a precedent, others were reluctant to do so.

As a 7th district judge, Greg Moeller usually covers Fremont and Madison County cases. Governor Butch Otter appointed him to the court on April 2, 2009. Moeller was then re-elected without opposition in 2014.

With extensive experience as a judge and attorney, Moeller is a top contending candidate to sit on the state Supreme Court. We wish him luck as the results come in tomorrow!