The Viking Race: A five-mile test

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So, you think you’re tough? This Saturday, the Viking Race comes to Idaho. The five-mile, mud-filled race will challenge your physical and mental endurance. The course will include many obstacles, and contestants who fail to complete an obstacle will need to do 15 burpees before continuing. For those who are truly tough, contestants can choose to go through it a second time.

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Event Details

You’re going to get wet, muddy, sweaty, and dirty, so dress appropriately. If you show up in jeans and a sweatshirt, you’re going to have a bad time. The event will take place at Badger Creek and costs $25. With $25, you get a spot in the race, access to a 350-foot waterslide, a medal, t-shirt, and lunch. For $10 more, participants can get a ride out there. For the spectators or people who don’t want to participate in the race, $12 can get you lunch and access to the waterslide. More information, including the link to purchase tickets, can be found here.


Time to find out how tough you really are.

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