The 4 best and worst places to DTR

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In every flirtationship, fling, or unofficial relationship, the moment comes when it’s finally time to settle down and figure out where it’s all headed. When you’re finally ready to address the most pivotal turning point in your relationship, you want to make sure you DTR (Define the Relationship) in the right spot.

Here’s a list of the top places to DTR in Rexburg so you don’t have to have this conversation in your living room. Because after all, nothing is more awkward than your roommate walking into the living room when you’re trying to address how you really feel about somebody.


Places Not to Define The Relationship

1. Your apartment Living Room

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking the living room of your apartment is the PERFECT location to finally take your relationship to the next level and let the person you’re interested in know how you really feel. That’s where you’re wrong. Don’t DTR in your living room. There’s no promise you’ll have the apartment to yourself and nothing will kill your groove more than your roommates walking in, and interrupting the mood.

2. The Hallways On Campus

We’ve all seen this one before. That couple that lingers outside of your classroom 10 minutes before class is about to begin. No matter how urgent the situation is, do not try to DTR in the halls on campus. You might run out of time before class runs out, and everybody around you will be eavesdropping in on your conversation.

3. The R-Mountain Parking Lot

Initially the parking lot at R-mountain might seem like the perfect place to DTR. You’re far enough out of town that you don’t have to worry about anybody interrupting you and you can use the drive out there to think about how you’re going to start the conversation. What you forget to consider is the drive back. What’s if the person you’ve been seeing decides they don’t want to start dating exclusively? Nothing is more painful than the 20-minute drive back into town after you’ve decided you’re “better off just friends.”

4. An Aisle in the Grocery Store

Similarly to the hallways on campus, an aisle in the grocery store is not the best place to DTR. Try to avoid small, crowded, public areas! It’ll make things easier for you, and for everybody else around you who’s just trying to grab their favorite box of cereal.

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Places to Define The Relationship

1. Church Building Past The Temple

The church building east past the temple located on 612 S Hidden Valley Rd is one of the best places in town to DTR. You’re far enough away out of town that you can have some time to yourselves to talk about how you really feel without having to drive too far after the conversation is over.

2. Porter Park

Porter Park is a great place to DTR because you’ll have the entire park to yourself. You can walk along the paved path in the park or you can sit on a bench and talk about how you really feel about one another.

3. BYU-Idaho Gardens

If you’re already on campus and you’re ready to start talking about how you really feel about one another — this is the place. Unlike some other spots on campus, in the gardens you’ll actually have a place to be alone and figure your relationship out.

4. Your Car

Your car is a great place to DTR (if you don’t drive too far away). Just tell the person you’re seeing that you think you should go on a drive and talk about how you really feel. And if things start to go south, you can just drop the person off at their apartment and make a quick getaway!

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Next time you’re ready to define the relationship make sure you choose your spot wisely. Because after all, if you decide you’re better off as friends you don’t want to have a long, uncomfortably silent drive home.