Gravity Factory grand opening a huge success

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The grand opening of Rexburg’s newest attraction, The Gravity Factory, on June 10 was an incredible success. Were you there?

If you were, you’re probably back there right now and not reading this article. If you weren’t, well, here you are.


Here are some of the things you missed. And the things you will now be able to enjoy.

The Grand Opening

The grand opening ran from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and included a vendor fair, performances by ProForm Airborne Jump Team and the ISU cheerleading team, demonstrations of upcoming fitness classes, and over $2,000 in prizes given away to course competition champions!

Tadd Jenkins Chevrolet also gave away some free hot dogs and hamburgers, and the night concluded with a block party with DJ Suspence in the parking lot, and a blacklight jump party in the facility.

And of course, all the bouncing, jumping, and flipping that the stomach can handle.

The community only had to surrender $10 per hour to be a part of this celebration, or $25 per person for an all-day pass. Yet even for those stalwart “all-dayers”, it wasn’t quite enough.

“You’re literally going to have to come back 2 or 3 times to really get a feel for everything there is to do here,” says Gravity Factory co-founder Zach Davis.

The Factory

But now is not the time to hang your head in shame for not being able to go. This is just the beginning. The beginning of something wonderful.

“The Gravity Factory is themed around the old 1980’s and 1990’s factories where the grunge world, BMX, and skateboarding started,” says co-founder Josh Anderson. “That’s what the Gravity Factory is, is a place where anyone can come in and explore.”

“This is our way to give back to the community that gave so much to us as kids,” adds Davis. “We think a lot of people will come and have a lot of fun.”

The to-do list at the Gravity Factory is extensive. There is a Ninja Warrior course, performance trampolines, an extreme dodgeball court, a bouldering wall, basketball hoops, a battle beam, jousting, an open jumping floor, and more. Other amenities include party rooms equipped with TV’s, and starting July 1, different classes will be available.

Not to mention the plethora of discounts available for the community.

“We’re community people,” says Anderson. “We understand that Monday night is Family Night, and so there’s a huge discount on Monday nights. We understand that Tuesday nights are when all the youth groups are together. The very best price you can get is on Tuesday night.”

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Davis and Anderson grew up in the area and, as Davis stated before, wanted more than anything to give back to the community and to give kids in Rexburg a fun thing to do.

“This is an opportunity for everybody to come and participate and have fun in a safe environment,” says Anderson.

Before you go

The price of admission is on an hourly basis,  They do require that you make a one-time $3 purchase of special socks that have grips to provide a safer experience. (You keep these and bring them back each time you go.)

But there is more you can do to prepare for your first or recurring visit to the Gravity Factory.

“Go online, fill out your waiver, prepay and tell us what time you’re coming, and you don’t even have to wait in line,” says Anderson. “You can walk in the door and we hand you a wristband.”

To fill out this waiver, see Monday and Tuesday discounts, hours, and other pricing, visit the Gravity Factory website. Everything is there, from attractions, to booking, and more.

Time to bounce.

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