Hemming Village throws ‘reveal party’ for The Willows

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It’s a boy! That is to say, a boy’s apartment complex.

Yesterday at their weekly “Rock the Willows” party, Hemming Village released three hundred blue balloons to “reveal the gender” of The Willows apartment complex for future semesters.

With the new Cedars apartment complex for women under construction across the street, Hemming Village decided that The Willows — currently BYU-I approved women’s housing — will become approved men’s housing. This change will take effect in January 2018, in time for that year’s winter semester.

“We decided to change it over to create more of a village environment for both men and women who attend BYU-I,” says Traci Peterson, Director of Student Housing.

This change from women’s to men’s housing is among the first of many great changes happening within Hemming Village. The Cedars, the women’s housing complement to the new Willows, will also be open in January 2018. More space for dining and shops are also under construction, as well as married housing options.

“The retail and married component coming in the future will add to that feeling of community,” Peterson adds.

This fall, The Willows will undergo major renovations to prepare for the new residents.

Learn more about the new housing by visiting The Willows’ Facebook page and following them on Instagram. Congratulations!