Clayton Clothing sells ties in the University Store

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Every young LDS man knows the best way to accessorize himself is through his tie. The standard white shirt, slacks, and shoes don’t do you the same service. Alex Hanke, founder of Clayton Clothing, knows this all too well.

“Business has always been my passion,” Hanke told Explore Rexburg. “I started a lot of businesses before my mission.”


Hanke had a car washing business in his hometown of La Verne, CA with his friend Lane Wilkinson, but put things on hold when he left to serve an LDS mission.

“I told him that I wanted to start a business when I got home,” he added. “So when I got home, two days later he told me he had an idea to do a tie business.”

Clayton Clothing USA

Alex Hanke has been operating Clayton Clothing now for four months. And he has taken his threads up here to Rexburg while he goes to school.

“I started making them by hand,” Hanke says. “Before, we had a lot of different patterns in ties, but it was just too much time and it took too much money.”

Although Wilkinson has moved on from the business, Hanke continues to grow and market the business. Hanke sells his ties from his website as well as at the BYU-I University Store.

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With a strong emphasis on the skinny design and the floral pattern, Hanke has his eye on shifting trends in ties.

“Right now, floral is hot,” Hanke says. “But I think the plain ties are starting to come in. Solid, one color, but still skinny.”

Apart from trends, Hanke has plans to create a more unique business approach. His plans? To find out, keep an eye out at his website and in the store for an incredible deal.

“I have a lot of fun doing it and trying to make it fun,” Hanke says. “And yeah, it helps me through school as well to help pay for stuff like that. I really just want the best for it.”

To get exclusive deals and to see the various designs, follow Clayton Clothing on Instagram and Facebook.