June Business of the Month: Karie Anne’s

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With the weather finally warming up there’s so many different places to go get a cool refreshing treat. How can you ever decide where to go to? Karie Anne’s is the perfect place to go whenever you’re craving something cool and sweet.

This local food truck serves Italian ice and custards. They’re also know for their gelati, which is two scoops of Italian ice with custard in the middle. 


Karie Anne’s serves eight regular Italian ice flavors. These are: Tigers Blood, Piña Colada, Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Peach and Mango. Their regular custard flavors are chocolate and vanilla. They have a new flavor of the week every week.

How they Got Started

Karie Anne’s started in 2010 as one of BYU-Idaho’s IBC companies. The original owner of Karie Anne’s got the idea for the food cart because he served an LDS mission on the east coast and he got to experience a lot of Italian ice and frozen custards. He thought people on the west might enjoy it as well.

The original Karie Anne’s truck was parked by the Chinese restaurant, Mandarin. The new owner of the business, Jessica Mortensen used to visit Karie Anne’s with her family and they quickly fell in love with the business.

They developed a good relationship with the owner, and one day she jokingly mentioned if the time ever came, that she would buy the company. Eventually the time did come, when the owner was ready to move on and begin starting new businesses.

Karie Anne’s Today

Jessica has owned and operated Karie Anne’s for the last four years and she has loved every aspect of the business. One thing she focuses on is making sure the business is a fun place for everyone.

“I have loved this business and it is fun to own a business that people want to come to,” she says. “We want to set a laid back vibe, and we want people to bring their families. I love that people come and they want to hang out here and they want to be a part of Karie Anne’s.”

A group of BYU-Idaho business students performed a research analysis on the businesses and one of the questions asked was to compare Karie Anne’s to a celebrity. In that survey most people responded back saying that the celebrity that best modeled this business was Chris Pratt or Jennifer Lawrence.  And that is the vibe they want to give off. They don’t take things too seriously and they want to be able to create an environment that is fun for everyone.

Go on and see for yourself just how fun this food cart actually is and enjoy some cool refreshing Italian Ice! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on all their specials, as well as the new flavors of the week!