RCMT prepares students for massage therapy industry

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Gone are the days when massages were exclusively for wealthy vacationers on cruises. Nowadays, the luxury of a good massage is available to the masses. And the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy is proud to educate students in this ever-growing industry.

RCMT registered with the State Board of Education in January 2013 and opened its doors to students the following September. Co-owner Shane Humpherys says that the idea to open up the trade school here in Rexburg came about upon seeing a need in the area.


“A lot of the students and the people that were going to massage school in the area were going down to Utah,” Humpherys says. “The beauty schools had done really well, and we figured it would be a great opportunity for the people in the area.”

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An accredited school

The school became accredited in November, adding even more legitimacy to the school. Attending an accredited massage therapy school makes it easier for licenses to transfer between states, among other perks.

“It took a lot of hard work to get there,” Humpherys adds. “We’re very proud of that.”

The next step, Humpherys says, is to work with the U.S. Board of Education to receive Title IV, which will facilitate federal student loans. This is a big step, especially considering how much the massage therapist industry itself has grown.

“There’s a lot that goes into it,” says Violet Bolen, head of the curriculum at RCMT. “They learn everything as far as business management to communication skills and working with a client.”

Individual classroom experience

On average, the class size at RCMT ranges between 11 and 15 students. Though, of course, the school loves to see enrollment climb, Bolen acknowledges the benefit of these smaller class sizes.

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“We’re able to provide more of that one-one-one time with the students individually and to really answer their questions and give them the information that they’re seeking,” she adds.

Each program runs two days a week for eight months. These run, respectively, from January to August, May to December, and September to April. 

Students are required to accumulate 625 hours to become a licensed massage therapist, which includes 120 clinical hours.

“It’s not as much time as you would think,” says Humpherys. “A lot of people assume that it’s a two-year program or full time.”

Apply for RCMT

The rapidly growing industry of massage therapy is becoming more and more integrated with the professional medical field. Humpherys and Bolen both emphasize that this is a trade skill that is high in demand and easy to get into.

“The admission process is actually super simple,” says Humpherys. “We encourage people to reach out to us. If you’ve ever thought that this would be a career for you, come check it out and see if it’d be a good fit for you.”

“We believe in teaching our students to kind of think out of the box,” adds Bolen. “Work within your client’s comfort levels, but also provide them an amazing experience where their needs are being addressed and you’re essentially helping them gain a better life.”


For additional information about Rexburg College Massage Therapy, please visit their website. http://rexburgcmt.com/