Rock out with the Madison Library Summer Reading Program

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With the fun theme of “Libraries Rock”, Rexburg’s Madison Library is cranking its amplifiers to eleven and counting off to June 1st to dive into their summer reading programs. Filled with fun reading challenges and prizes, each age group from babies to adults has a unique and rocking program tailored just for them. Either pick up your reading log at the library or use their new online tracking system to log your reading and start rocking out with your program from June 1st to July 27.

Children Activities

Read your younger children 30 books in eight weeks or challenge your six to eight-year-old to read 30 in eight weeks. Each challenge is six books long, thus if you and your child stay with the summer reading program, he or she can earn up to eight prizes at the Madison Library.

Kids and Tween’s Craft days are every Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. in the Community Room at the Madison Library in Rexburg. Figure out which age-category your child is in and see the event calendar at the Children Summer Reading Program’s webpage. 

Tween’s Activities

Kids from ages nine to eleven fit into the “Tween’s” category of the program. The challenge is to read 40 books in eight weeks. Keep track of the reading log to redeem prizes for reading everything from comic books, chapter-books, the Speedy Reader series, true books, and digital audio read-along CD’s. Come hang out in the Community Room on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m. for some fun activities at the library. For the activity calendar and more specifics, visit the Tween Summer Reading Program webpage. 

Teenager’s Activities

Instead of being challenged to read a certain amount of books, teenagers are challenged to read 1,500 pages in eight weeks. who finishes their reading goals before July 27th will be entered into a Grand Prize Drawing and invited to a fun party on August 3rd. Visit the library’s website for more specific information on the Teen Summer Reading Program and for the event calendar.

Adult’s Activities

If you’re an adult, your reading challenge is to read 600 pages of text in eight weeks and mark it on your “Session Studio Log.” There are “Bonus Tracks” to complete along with your reading “Session Studio Log” that are more specific tasks to earn more points towards your log. If you complete your log, you can submit your name five times for the grand prizes. An example of a grand prize is an overnight stay at the American Inn and dinner at Applebees. To learn more about how your summer could be more unique, visit the Adult Summer Reading Program webpage. 

Library Bingo Cards and Drawing

Any readers that complete their logs have a chance to fill out a Bingo card to submit for an overall drawing at the end of the summer reading program. The Bingo cards have an assortment of other reading activities to complete over the summer. There’s a limit to only one entry/bingo card per person, so make sure you finish your reading log to have a chance to win more fun prizes.

And remember! Any reading completed before you or your child signs up does not count towards their summer reading goals. So, come on down to Rexburg’s Madison Library to pick up some books and to start collecting prizes.