50 things to do in Rexburg during the Winter

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How Should You Spend Winter in Rexburg?

BYU-Idaho Enrollment Winter 2020

Winter is here! Snow covers every inch of the ground and you can hear the soft crunch with every step you take. It’s well below freezing, so you’d better have a thick coat and a warm hat to wear. Most people I know want to nap through the next couple of months. I’ve heard it time and time again. “There’s nothing to do in Rexburg!” “It’s too cold outside.” “I’m so bored.” To that I say, you can either throw yourself a pity party or discover just how great winter in Rexburg can be. January to April has to be one of my favorite times to be up here! There are plenty of events, activities, restaurants to choose from and ways to get into trouble. You just need to know what you’re looking for.

To get you started, here are our great ideas for you to explore Rexburg through the winter semester 2022.

50 Things to do this Winter

  • Attend a play at the Snow theatre
  • Go Ice Skating
  • Build a snow fort or Igloo
  • Go service tracking in your apartment complex
  • Have a semester long snowball war, with councils and territories
  • Go sledding or tubing at the sand dunes
  • Winter photoshoot
  • Create a children’s book with full page illustrations
  • Decorate your apartment for winter, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day
  • Go winter hammock camping at Beaver Dick Park

  • Take a stroll through the student art gallery at the Spori building
  • Get Hot Chocolate at the Cocoa Lodge
  • Visit the Ice Palace
  • Hold a snowman or snow sculpture contest
  • Create a masterpiece at splatter labs
  • Hold a winter bonfire at the sand dunes (maintain rules for bonfires and stay safe)
  • Use food dye to create tie dye snow art
  • Go roller skating on campus
  • Host a movie marathon night
  • Find the best taco in Rexburg
  • Make homemade pizza from scratch
  • Host a Mid semester ugly sweater contest
  • Drive to the hot springs to warm up for a bit
  • Celebrate Chinese New Year on February 1st with a full New Years party
  • Valentine’s day heart attack your friends
  • Create winter themed tik tok or YouTube videos
  • Sunday Night Stadium Singing
  • Get cheap tickets on Tuesdays at Paramount 5
  • Hold a cooking contest for the best comfort foods
  • Get sushi at the pineapple grill
  • Watch Jaws while hot tubbing
  • Go indoor rock climbing at Rexburg Rock Gym
  • Have a test of cold endurance, see how long you can last sitting in the snow in your bathing suit.

Going bowling is an unlikely but very fun Thanksgiving tradition, and there are many places to bowl in Rexburg.

  • Go bowling on campus or at FatCats
  • Re-enact Rocky’s winter training montage complete with grey tracksuit
  • Binge watch Cobra Kai on Netflix
  • Go Snowshoeing across the dunes
  • Have a flavored hot cocoa party
  • Attend a comedy show on campus
  • Sing your lungs out at Karaoke
  • Play Just Dance
  • Go indoor country swing or ballroom dancing
  • Host a Super Smash Bros tournament
  • Thrift shop for ugly sweaters at DI
  • Defy the laws of physics at the Gravity Factory
  • Hold a footie pajama movie party
  • Re-watch your favorite sitcom as an apartment
  • Play snow baseball with snowmen as the bases
  • Host a twister and board game night
  • Take martial arts or kickboxing classes