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Where to Watch the Biggest Movies of the Winter

Blockbusters! They used to be a summer thing, but over the years blockbuster movies became a year round event. Some of the most anticipated movies of all time are coming out this winter (2021). Including long awaited sequels to both Ghostbusters and Top Gun. And what might be the biggest Spider-Man movie of all time. People are going to be making a mad dash to the theatres when these movies come out. But if you want to have the best experience, you’ll want to know where to watch.

Types of Theaters

Not every theater has the same level of quality. Most nowadays have high definition screens or better. But the sound quality will vary from theater to theater. There are also Imax theaters with insane levels of picture quality, but the tickets will be more expensive. If you’re looking for the best experience, you’ll want to find an Imax screen. Which means you’ll need to head to Idaho Falls. But if you’re just attending a regular movie, you can probably get by at a standard theater. Here’s the theaters we recommend for you to have the best movie experience.

Where to go for the Best Movie Experience

FatCats Rexburg

FatCats Fun Center is probably my favorite theater in Rexburg. Not only do they have the best screens in town, they also have early releases for most movies. Their popcorn is always fresh and they have arcade games and bowling to keep you entertained while you wait. The sound quality is also top notch, so you’ll have a decent movie experience. If you want to be the first to see a new movie, I’d definitely recommend seeing it here.

Paramount 5

Go to Paramount 5. It's one of the greatest winter activities in Rexburg.

The Paramount 5 used to be the cheap theatre in Rexburg, where you could see movies that had left main theaters but hadn’t been released on DVD yet. There used to be some great deals, but since the pandemic they’ve turned over to a direct release theater. For the most part it’s a good place to see a movie. The theaters are small but the screens are a passable size. The best part about Paramount 5 is the Tuesday deal. You can attend a movie all day Tuesday for a reduced price. Which is really nice. I’d suggest going here if you’re okay waiting to see a new movie.

Regal Edwards – Idaho Falls

I have a rule for movies. If you’re going to a big, marquee theatre, the movie needs to be worth it. That goes double if you need to drive outside of Rexburg. The Regal Edwards theatre in Idaho Falls is well worth the trip. The picture quality is great, the sound is amazing. Not to mention the concessions are top notch. This is the theater to go to if you’re planning on going opening night to the biggest movie of the year. This is where you want to go if you’ve bought your ticket a month in advance and have the date marked on your calendar.

Speaking of which. Seats in the theater sell out quickly, so try to book yours in advance. Especially if you’re trying to avoid spoilers.