Living Close to Campus without Actually Living on Campus

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If I had a dollar for every student I’ve met who started living on campus as a freshman only to be lured away to off-campus housing the following semester, I’d have a lot of dollars. Probably enough to pay my rent this time around. Maybe even tuition.

And that is not to say that there is anything wrong with this trend, of course. College is all about figuring out ourselves, and you have to start somewhere. A continuing thread I’ve noticed though is that most students will admit they did love living on campus for one reason: living extremely close to their classes.

Sunrise Village is one of the great Rexburg apartments close to campus

Living close to class

Living closer to class means shorter walk times, no waiting around for shuttles, and having enough time to grab a bite to eat before your next class. Take an inventory of your day and you may be surprised by just how much time you cumulatively spend in transit to and from your apartment and class. For me, I found I spent upwards of an hour or more a day just walking back and forth. Sure, that’s great cardio — but it’s also a big chunk of personal or homework time as well.

So why not enjoy all the perks of living off-campus and close to campus as well?

Pay attention to where your classes will be

While this isn’t the case for every student, many of us find that we are constantly going back to the same one or two buildings for all of our classes. Paying attention to where your classes will be or tend to be for your chosen major can help you plan ahead. If this is the case for you, consider how much time you could save yourself by choosing an apartment that is conveniently close to your section of campus.

Here are some of our suggestions for great apartments, conveniently close to campus.

Riviera is one of the great Rexburg apartments close to campus

Riviera Apartments: bordering the Smith, Clarke, and Kirkham Buildings

Coming in as the closest apartments to BYU-I, Riviera Apartments has an extremely convenient location. It is close to the center of campus, which makes it a prime choice for just about anywhere but especially the Smith, Clarke, and Kirkham buildings. That said, it is probably closer to the Spori and Romney building than most other complexes as well. Say goodbye to cramming your bag full of heavy books. Riviera Apartments are approved housing for women, so men will have to look a little further from campus.

Somerset is one of the great Rexburg apartments close to campus

Somerset Apartments: the best choice for the Austin, STC, and Benson Buildings

There are many apartments to choose along the west side of campus. But we chose Somerset Men’s and Somerset Women’s as one of the most strategic choices for the Austin, STC, and even the Benson building. Known for their central location, good price, and good management, Somerset may be a great choice for you, for many more reasons than just location.

Snow View is one of the great Rexburg apartments close to campus

Snow View Apartments and Sunrise Village: You can’t get closer to the Snow building

Snow View is a great choice for you ladies because it probably isn’t named after Rexburg’s winters; frankly, there is no better “view” of the Snow building from any other apartment. Just step out your door, cross the street and you are there.

We know that many of you guys may be interested in an apartment close to this part of campus as well, so that is why we are pointing out Sunrise Village as well. If you haven’t considered them before, head over to their website and check it out. They offer men’s and women’s housing, and at a location just as great as Snow View’s.

What is best for your lifestyle

In the end, only you can decide what is going to be best for your lifestyle and situation. Choosing a place to live can be a big choice, involving many different factors. While these apartments may not be the right fit for you, maybe they could be too. Being willing to branch out and try new things can make all the difference in improving your college experience. Just think of what you could do with all the travel time you could be saving yourself!

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