What will you get at the Rexburg Panda Express?

1 min


The word is out. The Rexburg Panda Express is finally opening this Friday, September 1. And we here at Explore Rexburg are over the moon about it.

We asked around here at Explore Rexburg about some of the favorite things to get at Panda Express. This is how it broke down, in order of popularity:

  1. Orange Chicken
  2. Beijing Beef
  3. Kung Pao
  4. Teriyaki Chicken
  5. Honey Sesame Chicken
  6. Black Pepper Chicken
  7. Broccoli Beef

Of course, this is ultimately immaterial. We firmly believe that you really can’t go wrong when you get some Panda.

What are some of your favorite Panda Express entrees? Whether this will be your first time or you are a veteran, we invite you to check out the Rexburg Panda Express, opening this Friday.