The Rexburg Straw Maze is open and waiting

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Autumn in Rexburg brings the cool weather and the college student masses. And here as the welcoming party, year after year since 2007, is the famous Rexburg Straw Maze and Haunted Forest.

The old cliche of “nothing to do in Rexburg” has never been less true in the fall. In large part, that is thanks to the Straw Maze, a labyrinth of straw bales constructed south of town near Archer. And this year, celebrating 10 years, the Rexburg Straw Maze once again pulls out all the stops.

The maze has three different components throughout the season: the Straw Maze, the Haunted Straw Maze, and the Haunted Forest.

The Rexburg Straw Maze is open through October.

Straw Maze

The Straw Maze opened on September 18th and will run through October 31st. Since its inception, it has been the quintessential fall activity for locals and students ever since. Find your way through the straw maze, navigating the twists and turns with your date, family, or group of friends. It usually takes people about 45 minutes to make it to the end. Can you beat that time?

This original straw maze runs from Monday through Thursday, 5 – 10 p.m. Fridays run from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m., and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

If you’re looking for a nice, fun, relaxing time in the maze, this is the one for you. Bring your kids and mosey your way through. But if it is a thrill you seek, they have something for that too…

The Rexburg Straw Maze will terrify you!

Photo courtesy of @thestrawmaze

Haunted Straw Maze

The weekends in October start to get a little spooky. From 7 p.m. to 12 a.m., every Friday and Saturday that month (this includes a Friday the 13th!), the Straw Maze becomes haunted. You’ll really need to be on your guard for when this happens. Chainsaw-wielding fiends jump from the shadows. Monsters lurk in the shadows of the straw bales. And danger lies around every corner. If you thought mazes were a piece of cake, just wait. The Haunted Straw Maze truly gets the blood pumping.

The Rexburg Straw Maze includes fun obstacles like a haunted bus.

Photo courtesy of @joshradicic

Haunted Forest

A haunted maze is one thing…but wait until you test your courage in the Haunted Forest. You may be glad to be out of the pathways of the maze, packed with dedicated teenagers in monster masks who want nothing more than to make you scream in terror. But you won’t know suspense and eeriness until you enter the Haunted Forest. Its wide open spaces, dark trees, and endless shadows will test your mettle right to the core.

For 10 years, the Rexburg Straw Maze and Haunted Forest have given locals and students something to look forward to as the weather turns. Above all, it is a fun atmosphere, whether you are getting some hot chocolates from the concessions or feverishly trying to make it through the Haunted Maze. And better yet, you can buy your tickets online and skip the long lines of eager “maze runners” altogether.

The Rexburg Straw Maze and Haunted Forest are ready for you. Are you ready?