5 fun fall festivities in Rexburg

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Summertime has come to an end, which means fall is here! So take advantage of the crisp weather and beautiful color-changing scenes of nature around the Rexburg area. Don’t know what there is to do here in the fall? Here are our top favorite fall festivities in Rexburg!

Apple picking is one of the fun fall festivities in Rexburg.

Apple Picking

One of the great features of BYU-Idaho is the apple orchard, right on campus! With over 150 trees in the orchard, apple picking is one of your best fall activity options. Come to the Orchard located just past the Gardens and behind the Ricks building, to pick your own fresh apples through September and October! What a perfect casual date to walk around the orchard and pick some of your favorite fruits!

The Straw Maze is one of the fun fall festivities in Rexburg.

Straw Maze & Scare Tower

Because it’s the season of fall, it’s also the season of Halloween! Challenge your friends and yourself and see who can find their way out of the straw maze first. Whether you like spooky festivities or something a little tamer, there is something here for you.

You should also check out the Scare Tower website to see daily hours. Want something even more spooky? Try The Rexburg Haunted Forest. You’ll never expect the creepy crawlers lurking in Rexburg’s backwoods.

Hiking at Mesa Falls is one of the fun fall festivities in Rexburg.

Mesa Falls Nature Trail

Enjoy a scenic walking path that leads to breathtaking views, less than an hour outside of Rexburg! The Upper and Lower Mesa Falls are born of fire, shaped by water. Go see the thunderous curtains of water pour over remnants of an ancient volcanic super-eruption. Hike the nature trail and be sure to check out the Visitor’s Center!

While you’re at it, check out our extensive list of hikes in the area.

Carving pumpkins is one of the fun fall festivities in Rexburg.

Pumpkin Carving

This is one of the most classic and fun fall festivities in Rexburg. Would there even be fall without pumpkins? Be a kid again and grab the best pumpkin from the local pumpkin patch or store before it’s too late! Carving pumpkins is a great activity to do with a group of friends or family, so be sure to find the best ones! Create your own design, put it outside, and light it up with a candle for everyone to see!

Hot springs make for fun fall festivities in Rexburg.

Hot Springs

Fall time is the perfect time to enjoy the cool weather, so why not find those perfect hot springs to sit and relax in? The Goldbug Hot Springs will show you breathtaking views of the mountains while relaxing in the soothing naturally heated water. This makes a good day trip and hike on the weekend, so don’t forget to pack some lunch!