Rexburg is third best college town in U.S., study says

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Most believe that their alma mater would rank in the top schools in the nation. Just like everyone’s mom is the greatest mom, or every LDS mission is the best mission. This week, a third party, WalletHub, has ranked Rexburg as the third best college town in the nation.

Forbes shared the report and as we do in 2017, many took to Twitter to voice their support or opposition. We’ll let you navigate that rabbit hole yourself. But we at Explore Rexburg are proud that our amazing town has received national recognition, and wholeheartedly agree with the accolade.

The criteria for the report took into account wallet friendliness, social environment, and academic and economic opportunities. Sitting just behind Ann Arbor, MI, and Orlando, FL, Rexburg scored quite well on “wallet friendliness” and academic/economic opportunities. As far as social environment, however, Rexburg does admittedly sit back a little far in its score. Perhaps the good folks at WalletHub haven’t visited our Things to Do section.

Or maybe Rexburg still has ways it can improve. Who knows, maybe in 2019 we’ll even see ourselves at number 2 or even 1?

With this recent ranking and being the end of the year, now is a great time for reflexion. Here in the Explore Rexburg writers’ room, we are excited about what comes next for Rexburg.

What are your thoughts? Whether you are a student or a local, what is it that you love about Rexburg so much? How can we be better? Feel free to leave your comments, then get out there and wear this badge of honor proudly!