The Ultimate Guide to Student Living in Rexburg

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Student Living

New to Rexburg? Looking to sign your first contract? Whether you just got the acceptance letter, or have been here for a while and need a change, we’re here to help. We have created the ultimate guide for choosing where to live in Rexburg, Idaho as a student. The school requires that all students live in approved housing, and all of these places are on their list.

Whenever students are deciding where to live in Rexburg, it is usually one of two options; either stay in brand new expensive apartments or live in a cheaper place that has been here since some of our parents went here. Of course, the older apartments have been renovated and added onto, with nice amenities, but they don’t compare to the complexes being built now that the school is expanding. The newer apartments are built lavishly with hotel-like lobbies, hot tubs, gyms, more than one fridge, multiple bathrooms, and in-apartment laundry! These complexes are definitely more expensive, but they are worth it. It all depends on what you want, and how much money you are willing to spend.

Location is a huge factor in where you live. If you are a freshman and don’t have a car I would choose somewhere close to campus. You won’t have to walk too far to class. There are plenty of complexes bordering campus, so don’t worry about trudging through the snow to get to class.


If you want the ultimate Rexburg freshman experience, I would stay at the Cedars. Be quick, because they fill up fast. The cedars are mostly lived in by freshmen. Everybody is super social and there are always people in the lounges to meet and make friends with. The cedars are at the perfect location, right across from campus, the stadium, the park, and plenty of places to eat. I stayed there my first two years and had an awesome experience. The cedar’s women’s side was built in 2018, so the apartments are fairly new. The guy’s side is a little older, but still one of the new apartments. The cedars women have a parking garage! There is also a courtyard with hot tubs, hammocks, and a basketball court.

For a semester the price is $1,545. You also have to pay a one-time fee of $175 for the application and deposit. The men’s cedars are about $200 cheaper. The women’s cedars have three bathrooms and the men have two bathrooms.

The Cove

The Cove is where I currently stay. I have noticed the cove is a lot more chill than the Cedars. It is usually an older crowd, but there aren’t as many amenities. They do however have the hot tubs on the deck. That deck is full of people from all over Rexburg, so it is a great way to meet people. Some of the apartments have eight people in them, so if you like to socialize then this is the place for you. The cove doesn’t have covered parking, but Porter Park is right across the street!

Depending on how many bedrooms are in your apartment, the price is a little different. On the women’s side, a three-bedroom price per semester is $1,579-$1,619. A four-bedroom apartment is $1,549-$1,599. On the men’s side, a three-bedroom is $1,649-$1,725 and a four-bedroom is $1,629-$1,669. (All of these bedrooms are shared). There is one bathroom for every shared room.


NorthPoint is party central. Everybody who lives here is ready to have fun and be social. NorthPoint also has 8 man apartments, so if you are a social butterfly, spread your wings on over to NorthPoint. NorthPoint also has awesome amenities! They have gyms, movie rooms, hot tubs, lounges, rentable bikes, pool tables, and so much more. Northpoint is right across from the cedars and campus, so that whole intersection is party central. They also have a parking garage. A six-person apartment ranges from $1,609-$1,739 and an eight-person apartment ranges from $1,459-$1,509. There is one bathroom for every shared room.

The Lodge

The Lodge is a little further from campus, but not impossible. The Lodge has a parking garage and plenty of amenities. Some of the apartments have a loft if you’re looking for the city vibe in this small town. The lodge also has lots of social people as well. The Lodge has a few different options when signing your contract. One level 3 bedroom apartment is $1,509, a regular 4 bedroom apartment is $1,449, a 4 bedroom standard townhome is $1,469, and a 4 bedroom oversized townhome is $1,509 (for a semester in a shared room). There is one bathroom for every shared room. There are also a few more options for women’s apartments. You can get a standard two-bedroom apartment for $1,609 and an oversize two-bedroom apartment for $1,700.

The Gates

I always say that when you graduate from the Cedars, you move to The Gates. The Gates are a little different from the fact that they are townhomes. It is made up of an older crowd, with plenty of fancy amenities. One con is that it is farther from campus. The Gates have lots of different options and payment plans. All of the apartments are shared three-bedroom townhomes, but one of the rooms is a little bigger with a bigger bed. For the regular standard room, it is $1,610 a semester and for an oversized room, it is $1,710 a semester. It is a little bit cheaper if you sign for two semesters at a time or a year-long contract.

Milano Flats

If you’re looking for a place with private rooms, then Milano Flats is the place for you. Milano Flats is one of the older complexes but completely renovated with amenities and private rooms. Milano flats are priced by the month. For a standard room it is $390 and for a premium is $403. They are all six-bedroom apartments with two bathrooms and there is a deposit fee of $150.


Still being built as of fall of 2021, Sundance is the newest apartment complex. It is right behind the cove, in that great location close to campus and the park. If you are a germ freak no need to worry because you will be the first one living there. Better sign up fast because these apartments are filling up quickly. Sundance is all shared rooms, with the option of a two, three, or four-bedroom apartment. The more bedrooms there are, the less expensive it is. The price per semester ranges from $1,525-$1,595.

Birchwood Plaza

Now onto some of the older apartment complexes. Nauvoo, Heritage, and Birchwood Plaza are the most famous of the older ones. I have always heard that you meet awesome people living there! Birchwood Plaza is right next to the Cedars, so if you still want to live near that area at an affordable price, Birchwood is the place for you. Birchwood also has the option of a private room. Prices per semester range from $1,065-$1,505.


Nauvoo is right across from campus, a little further south next to the Lodge and STC building. The price is $1,339 a semester for a six-person, two-bathroom apartment. There isn’t any covered parking but there are plenty of amenities including a clubhouse, piano room, grill and firepit area, study rooms, theater rooms, and gym. When asked what their favorite part about living at Nauvoo was, residents said they love it because of the social aspect. “Everybody is really friendly and inclusive.”


Pricing for Heritage apartments starts at $1,300 per semester for a six-person, two-bathroom apartment. Amenities include a clubhouse, exercise rooms, piano rooms, study rooms, and outdoor firepits. I know many people who live at Heritage and love it. Check out their website to see it for yourself! The apartments are right across the street from Subway and some other restaurants, so you will never go hungry.

All of these apartment complexes are BYU-Idaho approved and are fully furnished with in-apartment laundry.

If you are looking for married housing, check out our previous article for apartments under $700 a month!

These are just the apartment complexes that you hear about the most. I know it can be hard to pick one out of all the places you hear about, so that is why I made this guide. There are so many more complexes, so you will never run out of options. If you have your mindset on a place, sign up before spots run out. If you are moving complexes, I hope you love your new choice, and if you are a freshman, welcome to Rexburg!