The Visual and Performing Arts Scene on Campus

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Art on Campus

Need something to do? Preferably something that’s free? Check out the art scene on BYU-Idaho’s campus. Most of the events are free. Even if music and art usually aren’t your thing, I ask you to give it a try. I wasn’t so sure about going to a piano recital, but it was amazing! The recital was called ‘Women in Music’ and as it turns out, the performer has taught piano for the last 30 years and boy does it show. She was so talented.

‘Women in Music’

All of the pieces were beautiful. Marsha Bjornn decided to pick pieces composed by women because not a lot of women had a big representation in composing music back in the 1800s and 1900s. One of the composers she picked had to publish pieces under her brother’s name, Felix Mendelssohn. I thought the name sounded familiar as I scanned through the program and realized that I have played some of ‘his’ pieces in an orchestra before. Turns out some of them could have been hers.

As she explained the history behind the composers I was so intrigued. They grew up all over the world and all had stories to tell. One was playing her first recital by the age of 4 and was a published composer by the age of 11. Crazy, right?

music recitalI felt so peaceful as I sat and listened to all the pieces. It was only an hour, but I wish she played longer. It was a great escape. A great way to try something new and change up my routine. The music was relaxing, almost therapeutic. And one of the best parts was that it was free entertainment! Most of the upcoming performances are free as well. If they do cost money, it is only $3. I am excited to see the symphony orchestra play later this month. The concerts span out throughout the whole semester. For a list of all the events, click here. There are piano recitals, the symphony, jazz, voice recitals, opera, choir concerts, and for the last one, “Swingin’ Christmas”, all in the Snow building on campus.

‘Naturalists of the Long Now’

I also went to the art gallery in the Spori building. When you first walk into the building, you can’t miss it through the glass doors. Currently, the exhibit is ‘Naturalists of the Long Now’ by Ian Van Coller. I was expecting art pieces, but I walked in and was surrounded by beautiful pictures of nature from around the world; Iceland, Uganda, and Tanzania. As I started looking at the pictures, I noticed a common theme, glacier ice. Little notes were written all around the picture explaining the science of the ice. After looking at all the pictures and then reading descriptions, I grasped that Coller is trying to visually show us what is happening to our world and how climate change is affecting everything.

art exhibitColler says that he wants us to think about what humanity will look like in the future, and not just now. What we do now, has a huge affect on our future. We may not realize it because we don’t live by any ice glaciers, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

This current art exhibit is up until October 20th. After that there will be a faculty exhibit by David Belka that will last the remaining weeks of the fall semester.

Besides the art gallery and live music, there are plays, dance recitals, and international cinemas. There is something for everyone!

Art Is Important

artThese days, it is easy to be entertained by our phones and other technology. I am very guilty of that. However, I think it is important to do something that stimulates your brain. Whether it is reading a book, looking at art, or listening to live music. Doing something out of your daily routine can be very beneficial. What better way to do that than to take advantage of the free events and art on campus! Take a look at all the events here.

For more art and music in Rexburg, you can check out The Basement, and pay attention to what art exhibit is at the Spori Building!