9 jack-o’-lantern ideas to try this year

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If Halloween comes and goes and you haven’t carved a pumpkin, something is seriously wrong. In fact, can you even claim to celebrate Halloween if you don’t celebrate with jack-o’-lanterns? The answer is no, so start planning.

Before you start, you will need all your supplies. A pumpkin, of course, of good size and health is recommended. You can get carving tools for a great price at Broulim’s, Walmart, and more. We also suggest you get a cheap tablecloth to work on.

So what will you carve this year? Something cute, spooky, funny? Here are nine jack-o’-lantern ideas to get you started this year!



Pick your favorite character, find a template, and start carving!


Do you have a sweetheart of your own? Or maybe you just want one? *cue single teardrop*


Want something more aesthetic for your Halloween decor? Try your hand at calligraphy carving.



Get yourself a pumpkin with a long stem. Throw on a witch hat and voila!

Night owls

Okay, maybe not so spooky, right? Wrong. Owls are the spookiest of all flying creatures.


Bye-bye, little pumpkin.



The future of pumpkin carving.


Maybe he ate too much pumpkin spice?


Carve this “baby” and give him a pacifier.

Whether you are going for a cute, spooky, funny or other design, get carving! These nine jack-o’-lantern ideas will be, or inspire, the cutest, spookiest and funniest carvings on the block. Be sure to try them before October 31st!