Blister’s Food Truck serves Madison Police Department

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Imagine craving your favorite meal or wanting to take your lunch break at a favorite restaurant. Now imagine not being allowed to do so. That’s exactly the predicament several officers face daily at the Madison Police Department. Although many of them love eating at Blister’s, the local barbecue joint lies outside of city limits. This prevents them from spending their lunches there.

A Helping Hand

After hearing about the situation Blake Winters, general manager of Blister’s BBQ, decided to bring the brisket and pulled pork to them via their new food truck. On Friday, May 19th, Explore Rexburg partnered with Blister’s BBQ to hold a luncheon for these heroes. They wanted to honor the awesome work that the Madison Police Department does for the community.


“This was a day to show the men and women in blue how much we value them. How much we value their service and the protection they provide our local Rexburg community,” Winters said. “We had a blast showing up in their back parking lot and serving them sandwiches for lunch.”

Blister’s Food Truck

In the upcoming weeks, you can find the Blister’s BBQ food truck right next to the Karie Anne’s truck at 328 N. 2nd E. in Rexburg.

Treat yourself to a full meal at Blister’s BBQ, then walk a few steps to grab a sweet treat from Karie Anne’s. Local favorites such as the pulled pork and brisket sandwiches will be served in the new food truck. Each sandwich comes with a large stack of fresh, homemade french fries.

To learn more about Blister’s BBQ and the new food truck, check our article and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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