Bouncing off the walls: More on The Gravity Factory

Since its Grand Opening June 10, hundreds of families, college kids, thrill seekers, and gymnasts have been bouncing off the walls about this place. 1 min


Have you been out to The Gravity Factory? Since its Grand Opening June 10, hundreds of families, college kids, thrill seekers, and gymnasts have been bouncing off the walls about this place.

What is it about this new attraction that has taken Rexburg by storm?


“We grew up around here,” says co-founder Zach Davis of himself and co-founder Josh Anderson. “We played in Rexburg all the time in high school. We both went to Ricks College or BYU-Idaho. And there’s nothing to do for the kids up here in Rexburg.”

Thanks to Davis and Anderson, now there is. Whether it’s for a youth group night, a family night, date night, or just something to do when you need a little diversion. The Gravity Factory has given the community of Rexburg something extremely fun to do.

Here at Explore Rexburg, we can’t get enough of The Gravity Factory. To summarize what we’ve already discussed about this trampoline park, here are some of the features you’ll want to check out.

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Foam Pit

There’s nothing quite as wonderful or as terribly frustrating as a good foam pit. A hard landing is what often prevents people from trying out stunts and acrobatics, but a foam pit allows you to jump, flip, and land however you want without that painful consequence.

Most of our attractions feature one foam pit or another as its literal safety cushion. Flip, flop, dive, jump, and more right into the belly of our foam pits. And what is more difficult than pulling yourself out of the depths of a foam pit? Master these skills at the Gravity Factory.

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Zero Gravity Trapeze

The foam pit will also act as a cushion for one of our most fun attractions, the zero gravity trapeze. Whether you have gymnastics background or not, this is an extremely fun and exciting thing to try out. Swinging will be fun — but the real thrill comes when letting go. Surely there’s also a life lesson in there somewhere too?

Parkour Boxes

You’ve seen them on YouTube. And in movies, like Casino Royale. You’ve seen Michael, Dwight, and Andy take on the challenge in The Office. Now, it’s your turn.

According to The Gravity Factory’s website, “our parkour elements are designed for the training of ninjas, urban heroes, and freedom runners.” As with all our features, everything is padded and surrounded by trampolines, so you can learn these skills in a safe environment.

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Force Beam

Do battle up in the air on the Green Gravity Beam suspended over one of our foam pits. Doesn’t matter whether you’re determining the king of the hill, the last samurai, or just having a good old-fashioned gladiator battle. The objective is to remain atop the beam watching your fallen foes trying to scramble out of the foam pit.

Gravity Dunk

Remember watching Space Jam and thinking Michael Jordan’s game-winning dunk was a wonderful albeit impossible feat? Well, we don’t promise extendable arms, but our gravity dunk feature is about the closest thing you can get to that glory!

Our hoops range from 8 to 12 feet high. Make sure you bring your A-game!

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Guys, seriously there are so many more attractions. We’ll hit you with more of them in our follow up article next week. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the next time Explore Rexburg and The Gravity Factory team up for another amazing deal!


A big thanks to the ISU Cheerleading Team for coming out to our Grand Opening. All these amazing pictures are of these great gymnasts.