Romance Theater


The Romance Theater opened its doors in 1917, and featured silent movies and vaudeville acts that entertained hundreds of area residents at a time. In 1935 the theater began showing “talking” pictures, and became an entertainment mainstay for the Upper Snake River Valley for the next 40 years. In June of 1976 the theater, as well as the surrounding Rexburg area, fell victim to the Teton Dam disaster. The Romance Theater not only suffered structural damage, but the Theater lost many of its memorabilia (movie posters, old costumes from its stage performance era, etc.) Following the flood the theater was sold and became the Westwood. As the Westwood the theater continued showing movies until 2001. The City of Rexburg acquired the Westwood in 2005 and restored its name back to the Romance Theater. With the help of community volunteers the Romance Theater is being restored to its 1930’s Art Deco splendor. The Romance is open for productions, rentals, and even movies!