Service Opportunities this Holiday Season

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Most of us are looking forward eagerly to the holiday season! I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t enjoy feasting on pie at thanksgiving or irreverently ripping open a Christmas gift. While the holidays mark a time of excitement for the pleasures of the season, luckily for us they also cause people to turn their thoughts outward. Two years ago, we at Explore Rexburg made a list of ways to give back during the holidays. But in the age of Covid-19, service activities have become more difficult than simply volunteering at your local soup kitchen. However, there’s no need to stop serving. Here’s six ways to give service this holiday season!

Ryan’s Case for Smiles

If you have skill at sewing or arts and crafts, this may be the service opportunity for you. Children often find hospitals traumatic or frightening. Ryan’s Case for Smiles seeks to change that. The charity provides soft, colorful pillowcases to brighten up the rooms of Children’s Hospitals. The charity accepts homemade pillowcases and fabrics and distributes them to children’s hospitals around the country. If you’re interested in getting involved visit Ryan’s Case for Smiles.

Homestead Assisted Living

Maybe you have great social skills or talents you could share. If so, check out the service opportunities at the Homestead Assisted Living Center. For residents in assisted living, the holidays can often be lonely. Take this opportunity to brighten up their day. The center has several opportunities ranging from playing games to giving a manicure. Call 208 356-5656 for additional information.

Rexburg Animal Shelter

If you’re more interested in animals than people, that’s okay. The Rexburg animal shelter needs your help. The shelter asks volunteers for help with cleaning, maintaining the kennels, grooming and socializing with the animals to prepare them for adoption. There are time requirements involved with this service opportunity. The shelter requires volunteers to commit to at least 4 hours a month. Now, this service activity is first come first serve, so sign up fast.

My Very Own Blanket

It got so cold last week that I had to buy another blanket for my own room. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like without one. My Very Own Blanket provides new and donated blankets to children in foster care. Here’s another opportunity for those of you with crafting skills. MVOB accepts store bought or used blankets, but they prefer their blankets to be homemade. The organization accepts all types of patterns and styles. Get involved if you have a creative side.

For additional information on how to get involved check out My Very Own Blanket.

Family Crisis Center

The Family Crisis Center always needs new volunteers. The center, located on main street in Rexburg, provides food, clothing and services to those at risk or in need. Volunteers help in the food bank or thrift store during the holidays. But the volunteer opportunities at the center are endless. If you’re unable to find time to volunteer, the center always needs donations of food and clothing. If you’re looking to give back to the community, volunteer with the Family Crisis Center.

Thank a Teacher

I imagine that this last year was difficult for all of us. Heck the last two years. Well, as things improve its important for us to remember those that kept working and helping throughout the pandemic. Teaching is often a thankless job, but imagine being a teacher in a pandemic. Not did teachers work hard to educate, but to do it while trying to keep a class healthy. This season we have the opportunity to give a little back. Try putting together a care package for a teacher. It’ll make their day.

Care Packages

Speaking of care packages, imagine not being able to go home for the holidays. Well, our deployed troops, first responders and National Guardsmen often aren’t able to. Volunteer this year by showing them we care. Putting together a care package is a great way to show our appreciation for the acts of service members of these groups do each day. Operation gratitude allows community members to get involved and send their care packages out to service men and women. If you haven’t the time to physically volunteer, how about you donate.