Closet Foodie Takes On the East Idaho State Fair

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It’s the best time of year again! That time where you eat your weight in food and probably spend more money than you ever wanted too. Now we aren’t talking about Christmas, hun — it’s East Idaho State Fair time, baby.

Some come for the rides, others for the shows, but what attracts people the most is the mouth-watering, tongue-tingling Fair food.

The East Idaho State Fair lasts through this Saturday, September 8 in Blackfoot, Idaho. The theme this year is “Happy Together”, so make sure to grab your family, friends, significant other and neighbors and make some of the best memories of your life.

Now, there are probably two things you may be thinking while reading this article. One, you are OBSESSED like some people I know (aka myself) with anything that has to do with the Fair. Or two, you’re not interested and simply just don’t believe the hype.

For those people, I have two words for you. Fair. Food.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second — we have all had at least a brief moment in our lives where we secretly wanted to be a foodie. If you don’t believe me, stop lying to yourself. Because food is life — food is bae.

This brings up some questions in regards to the Fair. What food should you try? Where is a must go? And where should you stay away from with all your might? 

To start, this year’s Best New Fair Food Champion Entree was the Gourmet Tacono from La Casita Mexican Food.

Let’s just say that you will not be disappointed with this purchase. However, you will want to grab a fork before sinking your teeth into this Tacano.

Tacono not really doing it for you? Try Bullseyes Burgers instead. Their donut burger will take your taste buds for a ride and leave you wondering why you never thought of replacing your hamburger bun with a donut before.

Because honestly, I have questioned myself several times on this already.

Not a huge adventure-eater? No worries. We can tone it down a bit for you.

Try the East Idaho State Fair’s famous Smoked Turkey Legs. What better combination channel your inner caveman than with eating the turkey straight off the bone?

Got a sweet tooth you cannot seem to satisfy? Grab yourself some square ice cream on your way over to the petting zoo. Have you really lived if you have never tried your ice cream in a unique shape?

The East Idaho State Fair has food for the extremely adventurous, those looking to try something a little different and those who simply want to stay in their comfort zone. They have you covered!

Check out these pictures for more tasty options.

So the question to ask now is this — what Fair food will you try?