T-Rex Burgers takes a bite out of summer

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No matter what city you’re in, if you want to get a taste for the culture, you’re going to want to start with the street food. From Los Angeles to Seattle, and Portland to New York, food trucks are revolutionizing the restaurant industry.

When asked about food trucks, Anthony Bourdain, the late chef-journalist, said, “Any alternative to the conventional American fast food is a good thing. I see food trucks as an alternative to McDonald’s, so that alone is a great thing. You’re creating a market for individually owned and operated businesses serving, presumably, fast, cheap and delicious [food] — that’s a positive thing.”

Idaho is no different, and the list of delicious Rexburg food trucks continues to make this town an exciting place to grab a bite to eat.

A T-Rex Burgers combo

T-Rex Burgers

One such food truck, the summer seasonal T-Rex Burgers, recently celebrated their one year anniversary in Rexburg.

Located in the parking lot outside Wendy’s, T-Rex Burgers provides an interesting twist to an otherwise traditional burger and fries menu – flavored patties.

When you order, you have the option to choose between original beef, bacon, taco or spicy flavoring. Your selection is then cooked into the meat of the patty, giving it an extra kick for your taste buds.

For information on menu items, or daily deals go to T-Rex Burgers’ Facebook page. Their entire menu can be viewed online.

T-Rex Burgers burger

We Recommend

T-Rex Burger: This dinosaur sized burger is a triple patty, triple cheese monster in a bun. With three different patties, there’s room for you to try all three signature flavors in one bite, although that might require a special kind of adventurism. Pair this massive burger with a side of fries and a drink and you won’t need to eat again for a week!

Spicy Seasoning: Don’t let the name fool you, this spicy burger isn’t going to leave you sucking on ice cubes or drinking whole milk to ease the pain. If you’re just looking to shake things up but don’t feel like eating a triple cheeseburger, start small and test out the Spicy Burger. You choose the cheese and any number of fresh toppings and leave the rest to the chef.

For Kids: If you’re looking for somewhere new to take the family after T-ball practice, T-Rex Burgers has kid-friendly meals that are just as delicious as regular menu options. Try the grilled cheese or a kids meal burger, they’re both delicious and very affordable.