How to get around Rexburg without a car

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Getting around Rexburg can be a struggle. If you have a car and have driven near campus at night, odds are you probably have seen helpless BYU-I students trudging through a blizzard carrying six bags of Broulim’s groceries. In each hand.

You likely offer silent sympathy as you bypass them. You turn your head to watch their struggle, thinking to yourself, “I’m glad that’s not me.” For us drivers, this happens on repeat.

Sometimes, though, it’s not that bad. It’s okay if you are in Rexburg without a car. Here it’s kind of like initiation for you students (kidding). Here are a few solutions to help solve your lack-of-car problems.

Find the Drivers

Driving without a car in Rexburg is easier with help from your friends.

I’m going to tell you the number one way to get by in Rexburg without a car. Ready? Here it is: Befriend people who do have cars. Friends, roommates, hallmates, home teachers, that kid in the library with a lanyard hanging out of his backpack. Anyone. Find them on Facebook. “Friend” them and you’re in. Offering a couple of dollars for gas money is a great way to get drivers to accept your tag-along requests.

Walmart Shuttle/Bus

If you don't have a car, you can take the Walmart Shuttle.

There’s no doubt that you have seen the big blue Walmart shuttle. This actually goes all around town! You can look at the routes and times of the bus here. You’re welcome. Get a ride to and from any of the stops. Enjoy taking a ride this time with your 12 grocery bags.


Walking is the classic way to get around Rexburg.

Walking around town isn’t always a horrible idea. Granted, in the winter we all probably want to stay indoors for the majority of the season. However, walking outside on a nice day can be very relaxing, calming, and beneficial. You get to experience the beauty of Rexburg from a closer perspective.

If you are a student living without a car in Rexburg, you’re in luck. Most apartment complexes are relatively close to campus, people here are friendly (including people with cars), there is public transportation available, and you get to enjoy taking a stroll through this wondrous little town.