8 hair salons within walking distance of BYU-I campus

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Ever find yourself saving on tuition at BYU-Idaho, but spending nearly a fortune on your semi-quarterly haircut? Or do you ever find yourself asking your spouse or roommate to cut your hair because you don’t know where to go?

With twenty-seven salons in the Rexburg area, it can be tricky to know—especially if you don’t have a car. Listed below are eight hair salons within a few blocks of campus to find your perfect stylist, price, and atmosphere.

Brodi's Salon, one of the hair salons in Rexburg

Brodi’s Hair, Tanning & Nail Salon

70 W Main St Rexburg, Idaho 83440 | (208)-656-0505

Brodi’s Hair, Tanning & Nail Salon is just across the street from Melaleuca on Main Street. Brodi’s team of cosmetologists work from several different private rooms offered within the salon, giving the clients room to breathe and for the cosmetologists to focus.


The Retreat Salon & Tanning, one of the hair salons in Rexburg

Reflections Hair & Nail Design

32 E Main St, Rexburg, ID 83440 | (208) 356-5856

If you are looking for more than a haircut, Reflections Hair & Nail Design, just as their name indicates, will take care of your nails too. They don’t stop there, either — go to Reflections for hair coloring, eyelash extensions, and tanning as well.

Graffiti Hair Salon, one of the hair salons in Rexburg

Graffiti Beauty Salon

402 W 4th S, Rexburg, ID 83440 | (208) 356-0044

The Graffiti Beauty Salon has the coolest vibe. The walls are covered in creative and colorful graffiti, the atmosphere is chill and the music is bumping. With a barber-side and a beauty-side, the Graffiti Beauty Salon can cut or etch any style you’d like.


Hair We Are, one of the hair salons in Rexburg

Hair We Are

134 W Main St, Rexburg, ID 83440 | (208) 656-9779

Located in the same shopping center block as Broulim’s, Hair We Are is easy to find and in a great location for students to walk to. Hair We Are is flexible in scheduling due to their many chairs and accepting walk-in appointments. Every Tuesday, BYU-Idaho students can get 10% off of their services and product purchases by bringing in their I-Card.


 The Retreat, one of the hair salons in Rexburg

The Retreat Salon & Tanning

236 S 1st W Rexburg, ID 83440 | (208)-359-2973

Just across the street from the BYU-Idaho Stadium and nestled next to Birch Plaza, The Retreat Salon & Tanning is the closest salon to campus and reserved for students that live in Rexburg Housing apartments. Pay for four haircuts and get your fifth haircut free with their promotional punch card.


Tami's Salon, one of the hair salons in Rexburg

Tami’s Salon

24 S 1st W, Rexburg, ID 83440 | (208)-356-7161

Located across the street from Melaleuca and near Broulim’s, Tami’s Salon is only a few blocks from campus. From haircuts and extensions to nail services and waxing, Tami’s Salon is well-equipped to not only tame your wild hair but simplify your life: one hair-free leg at a time.

Urban Trend Salon, one of the hair salons in Rexburg

Urban Trend Salon

2638, 344 W 4th S, Rexburg ID, 83440 | (208)-201-4649)

It’s in the name, this salon is urban and up-to-date on trends. All of the chairs are highly stylistic, the washing chair is plush and comfortable, and the floors are slick and professional. Sitting only three blocks away from campus, any student can find a new style close to home at the Urban Trend Salon.

 Namaste Wellness & Spa, one of the hair salons in Rexburg

Namaste Wellness Spa & Salon­­

160 W 2nd S #233 Rexburg, ID 83440 | (208)-356-8967

Located only a block from the north side of campus in Hemming Village, Namaste Wellness Spa & Salon will not only cut and style your hair, but offer you many spa treatments too, including tanning, waxing, eyelash extensions, and even botox.

Remember, there are nearly twenty more hair salons to try out in the Rexburg area. Don’t be afraid to jump into a new chair and try a new salon out, especially if your roommate has been cutting your hair for the past year! Head outside and walk to one of these hair salons today to get a fresh cut.